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#NetAppInternLife: The Relationships You Make Last A Lifetime

Emily Kowalski

With my time here as a NetApp Intern coming to an end, I want to reflect on what a great opportunity this was and how much I’ve enjoyed my time here. I have made some lifelong friends and memories that I know will last! Through my ten weeks here, I have spent my time learning about NetApp and networking with other employees and interns. I had the opportunity to talk to them about their experiences—and there were common themes among us all.

For instance, Jamie A., Social Marketing Intern at the Sunnyvale office, told me about her experience this summer at NetApp. “NetApp does an outstanding job of giving their interns events and opportunities, that no other interns will ever get,” she said, “Having the opportunity to network and get to your know co-workers on a personal level is a gift.” Jamie told me that she appreciated every moment she has had at NetApp and that she would miss it dearly like the rest of us.

“There is a reason NetApp wins so many awards for its intern program,” she said. “Because as an intern at NetApp, the sky is the limit. NetApp cares and wants you to thrive in your career and gives you all the resources, tools, and more to help you be the best that you can be.”

I can’t help but agree with Jamie. NetApp deserves every award it has gotten, and this internship truly is one of the best. The employees and managers explain everything calmly and make sure that we fully comprehend the work. You can truly tell that NetApp creates a family within the culture of the company.

But events and awards aren’t the only part of being a NetApp Intern. It’s also about getting valuable work experience. Sujal S., a DevOps Intern in the Raleigh, NC office, told me that he has “been able to further my technical knowledge about operating systems, storage, and networks. I was not much into networks before this internship. And talking to different team members has put me in a better position to start my career as a Software Developer.”

Through our time at NetApp, interns not only grow in what we already know, but have the opportunity to learn completely new things. For example, I have never been a technical person. I have always been drawn to social marketing. When I was placed as an intern in product marketing, it was a big change for me. I luckily learned a lot from my manager and my mentor, and gained a ton of experience. Learning all about NetApp and its technical side, I can now see myself going into a tech-oriented job, hopefully involving some aspects of social marketing. This internship has taught me so much about myself and the company, and I can see myself thrive in this sort of environment.

Achintya K., Intern for Services and Support in Raleigh, told me about how his internship has impacted his professional career and life. According to Achintya, “This internship has given me the opportunity to learn new programming skills that will be useful for my career. And personally, I've interacted and made friends with tons of fellow interns, and I hope to maintain those relationships in the future!” The opportunities that NetApp provides interns with is amazing!

NetApp also holds an annual Intern Showcase, where interns present the work they did over the summer to different employees in the company. It was awesome to see all the work that each of the interns across the company accomplished.

Getting to work as part of a team is another highlight for many interns. Abhirup G., a Product Manager Intern in Pittsburgh, PA, told me about his experience working on a large, extended team. “Everyone on my extended team, including my Senior Director Peter S., seemed genuinely interested in the work I’ve done during my internship.”

The interns themselves feel like they’re part of a special team.  Abhirup added, “Another highlight was getting to know more about the other interns through all the fun activities organized by the University Relations team, especially the day we all spent kayaking.” I love that teams took the opportunity to have team events and go on outings together. It makes the experience stand out and ensures that everyone enjoys their time here.

When I asked my fellow interns what they would miss the most about their time at NetApp, most of them responded “the people.” The people I have met in my time here are unlike anyone else I have ever met. These people will remain my friends for a long time. The relationships I have formed here are built to last, and NetApp has made sure that all of us had time to talk and hang out together.

Brian Q., an intern with the E-Series group in Wichita, KS said he “will miss a lot of the perks and the people at the company. Everyone is open and friendly, and even though I've only been working here for about 3 months they made me feel like at home during my time at NetApp.”

That’s the thing about a NetApp internship—the relationships you make last a lifetime. I look forward to keeping in contact with the amazing people I have met this summer, and I will miss this company and cherish the time I had here.

Thank you, NetApp, for everything that you have done for me. This isn’t just a workplace, it’s a community of friends and colleagues that will be there to support and guide you always.

Emily Kowalski

Emily Kowalski is currently a Product Marketing Intern at NetApp who returns to Sonoma State University. Emily is majoring in Communications and Media Studies and graduating with the Fall class of 2019. Her interests include photography, dining out, spending quality time with family and friends and her dog, Bootsy.

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