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NetApp, VMware, AWS, and our partners transform cloud for VMware customers

It’s time to move forward.

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Keith Norbie

NetApp, VMware, and Amazon Web Services present a new opportunity to move customers past hybrid multicloud limitations and leave competitors behind as partners sign on to help their customers reduce cloud costs while increasing cloud performance for key workloads.

Two decades ago, VMware ESX2. That’s when I started my journey (as a partner) with NetApp and VMware. At the time, virtualization was new and the capabilities that NetApp and VMware offered provided a strong foothold for partners to innovate. As an early adopter partner who embraced what the two companies were doing, we were ahead of many of our peers when it came to solving customer challenges.

It was an exciting time. NetApp and VMware’s capabilities took the rest of the virtual world by storm, with the biggest technology competitors racing to catch up. You could literally witness outcome advantages that others couldn’t achieve. Cue up high-five moments and customer celebrations.

I guess some things never change.

More innovation with Amazon FSx

NetApp and VMware just announced more innovation with Amazon FSx.

This innovation removes both technology and business barriers for migrating storage-demanding VMware workloads to AWS. Customers have been asking and now we’re delivering better technology and better cloud economics. We’re breaking barriers again thanks to our passion for jointly engineered solutions. Partners are never satisfied with the status quo, and they drive relentless innovation to help customers adopt and operate in the hybrid cloud.

We know. Customers have hit “pause” on many migrations for data-intensive workloads. Data storage can be a barrier when moving enterprise applications to the cloud, especially large VMware workloads. Because these applications usually need more storage than CPU and memory, cloud adopters often oversubscribe compute to compensate. Scalability, yes; cost savings, not so much.

We’ve decoupled compute and storage in the cloud

What we’re announcing is the availability of the VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

A long name for sure, but that’s because it brings together everyone’s best. This offering is the only integrated, certified, and supported external NFS datastore for VMware Cloud on AWS. For the first time, compute and storage are independent in the cloud with an integrated solution built on NetApp® ONTAP® data management software and managed by the AWS Management Console.

We’ve jointly estimated that this solution offers your customer an amazing 25%–50% lower TCO. You can be one of the first partners to help your customers scale storage to handle any type of workload without a massive increase in budget.

Join us at VMware Explore

NetApp is always working to eliminate obstacles to cloud adoption. Our partnership with VMware and AWS is simply one more example of how we lead together. If you want to know more, drop by our booth at VMware Explore. We’ll answer your questions and show you exactly how our partnership works.

My advice, based on 20+ years of capitalizing on the innovation opportunity with NetApp and VMware, is to engage now—the clock is ticking. Every time there is a new innovation opportunity, it’s the early adopter partners who benefit the most. Customers have been asking for this. All you have to do is add your capabilities, competencies, and services to make transformation happen.

Get in touch and get started today. This solution will accelerate your hybrid and multicloud practice while your customers realize the promised benefits.

If you want more information, try our TCO calculator, and visit the VMware Cloud on AWS overview.

Keith Norbie

At NetApp Keith drives Strategic Alliances in partnership with the business units and currently leads VMware, Data Protection (Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik) and SAN/Brocade. This applies strategy development, advising/collaborating with product managers, incubates new offerings, cross functional solution development, and executive interlocks. All of this is to drive GTM net new revenue to NetApp via partners in key areas like Private and Hybrid Multi-Cloud, EUC (VDI), Modernized Data Protection and Next Gen SAN for Enterprise Apps. Keith joined NetApp in February 2016 with the acquisition of SolidFire and previously had 20 years in the channel as an executive including a successful acquisition built from a startup. He delivers a passion for delivering results through clarity, focus (less is more), relationships, intense curiosity, and seeking signal from noise.

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