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NetApp’s sustainable Packaging Shift

98% Recycled and Renewable, Embracing Sustainability

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Portrait of Charles Hayes
Charles Hayes

Our packaging has undergone a remarkable transformation.

NetApp deeply values the well-being of our planet and is dedicated to environmental conservation. To help reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers, we are introducing significantly more sustainable packaging. Let’s explore the big five improvements.

Greater sustainability and protection—and less frustration

Our new packaging is more sustainable yet sturdy and helps make your life easier. The top improvements include:

  1. Better materials. Our packaging is now made from 98% recycled and renewable materials. This means that we use less pulp and paper and create less waste.
  2. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). Our new packaging produces up to 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared with our old foam packaging. We designed this packaging to be space-efficient, reducing the amount of fossil fuel that’s needed for transportation while giving you even more rugged, more durable, and higher-quality protection for your investment in NetApp® storage products.
  3. Curbside recyclable packaging. We want recycling to be easy for everyone. That’s why our new packaging can be recycled right at your curb. You can put the boxes, inserts, and support materials in with your regular recyclable waste. Recycling is simpler and saves you money too.
  4. Easier unboxing. Our new shipping box is designed to be easy to open. You can now more easily unpack and handle your NetApp storage product.
  5. Enhanced protection. Our new packaging is smaller and is made with eco-friendly materials, but it still keeps your products safe. It reduces impact shock by 51% compared with our old packaging.
netapp sustainable packaging shown in detail

Working toward sustainability together

With this new packaging, NetApp has provided an upgrade in every way. The packaging is more sustainable and more functional. By using better materials, reducing pollution, making recycling easier, and improving product protection, we’re making a positive impact on the environment. We invite you to join us on this journey and enjoy the benefits of our eco-friendly packaging. Together, we can help the planet without sacrificing quality or convenience—or budget.

Learn more

Learn more about NetApp’s commitment to helping our customers improve their overall sustainability stance and reduce their carbon footprint.

Charles Hayes

Charles Hayes is a Product Marketing Manager focusing on hybrid cloud solutions. He’s a 20-year veteran of the storage industry, joining NetApp in September 2019. Before NetApp he spent years defining, developing, and marketing products and solutions for SimpleTech, Iomega, EMC and Lenovo. Charles is also a mediocre percussionist/guitarist, an old-school punk rock fan, and frequently claims he saw all the cool bands before they were cool.

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