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Simplifying migrations with AWS Workload Migration Program

Migrating data and applications to NetApp on AWS reduces costs, improves agility, and increases scalability

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Matthew Robins

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and leverage the benefits of the cloud. Migrating workloads to the cloud offers numerous advantages, including increased scalability, cost efficiency, and improved agility. NetApp provides leading cloud storage and data management services to easily migrate, run, and scale workloads in the cloud. NetApp is an Advanced Tier Services Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an AWS Marketplace Seller, and participates in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP). The program employs best practices to reduce risk when migrating your data and applications to the AWS Cloud.

The business value of migrating to NetApp on AWS

NetApp brings its expertise in enterprise storage to the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, offering a range of solutions that streamline where your data lives in the cloud and the migration process. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for AWS provide highly reliable, scalable, high-performing, secure, and feature-rich file storage built on the world’s leading storage operating environment, NetApp ONTAP. Replication, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities are built into FSx for ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP, making it easy to migrate data and applications to NetApp on AWS while maintaining data integrity and minimizing downtime.

The benefits of migrating to NetApp on AWS include:

  • Simplified data migration. NetApp on AWS simplifies the migration of workloads by providing efficient data mobility mechanisms and automated processes, reducing the complexity and time required to move data to the cloud and enabling faster time to value.
  • Data protection and security. NetApp data management features offer robust data protection and security. Integrated replication, disaster recovery, and backup capabilities help maintain the safety and availability of your critical workloads during the migration process and beyond.
  • Cost optimization. NetApp storage services optimize cloud costs by providing tools for intelligent data tiering and storage efficiency. You can align storage services with workload requirements, resulting in cost savings and improved resource utilization.
  • Seamless hybrid cloud operations. NetApp on AWS offers a seamless hybrid cloud environment. This integration means that you can easily move workloads between on-premises infrastructure and AWS, taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining control and data sovereignty.

The AWS ISV Workload Migration Program

NetApp has achieved AWS Data Migration Technology Competency status. This designation certifies that our team possesses the technical knowledge, skills, and experience to help you with your AWS migration projects. With NetApp technology, you can quickly and efficiently transfer large datasets and databases from multiple sources into your target AWS resources.

As an Advanced Tier Services Partner, NetApp has demonstrated the highest level of specialization, deep AWS technical expertise, and proven customer success with other competencies like Storage ISV, Containers ISV, Cloud Operations Software, Migration and Modernization ISV, Financial Services Technology, and Government ISV.

NetApp delivers a portfolio of professional services, including hybrid cloud migration, data migration, performance assessment, data protection and security assessment, cloud design workshop, cloud consulting services, and more. NetApp Professional Services can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace.

Start your data migration journey today

The AWS migration checklist is a detailed list of tasks, processes, and best practices that need to be followed when migrating applications and data to the AWS Cloud. This checklist is a guide to help you plan, execute, and manage your migration projects, helping you to make sure that all necessary steps are taken, and potential risks are mitigated.

To learn more about the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, review the program at-a-glance.

FSx for ONTAP is a native AWS-managed service that delivers block and file storage for Windows, Linux, and iSCSI instances. FSx for ONTAP is sold, managed, and supported by AWS. 

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available in the AWS Marketplace

Migrating workloads to the cloud can be a complex process, but with the right tools and partnerships, you can simplify and accelerate your cloud adoption journey. NetApp's participation in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program offers an easy and repeatable solution that aids in data and application migration to NetApp on AWS with funding incentives. By leveraging NetApp's cloud storage and data services, you can confidently migrate your workloads to NetApp on AWS, unlock the benefits of the cloud, and drive innovation in your business operations.

Matthew Robins

Matt has worked in the channel for about a decade and has worked in both sales and presales. He joined the NetApp AWS Global Alliance team over 2 years ago as the global alliance sales engineer. On the alliances team, Matt is responsible for working with and enabling partners, AWS, and customers on the NetApp value. He also works with the product teams to offer feedback and enhance collaboration with AWS.

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