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NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure turbocharges AI

NetApp’s suite of AI-ready solutions transforms the management of AI data environments


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Phil Brotherton
Phil Brotherton

AI is a tidal wave of potential, poised to accelerate innovation, revolutionize operations, and deliver superior solutions. But there are challenges. Data is everywhere—at the edge, on premises, inside apps, and in multiple public clouds. Silos and bottlenecks can hold data back as disparate tools and infrastructure get in the way of rapid experimentation and innovation. Not to mention, data is constantly under threat, so you need robust data management to keep models, data, and usage safe.

To maximize the potential of AI, you need a partner like NetApp with proven experience and capabilities to address these challenges. We offer data management simplicity to address every silo, high-performing data to remove the bottlenecks, and the trusted, secure data required so that your AI data workflows meet high standards of integrity. All of that is coupled with deep technological partnerships with AI leaders like NVIDIA, where NetApp is delivering certified, AI turnkey solutions.

NetApp’s family of AI-focused products continues to evolve to meet customer needs, and we’re excited to share these changes with you.

Speed time to insights with NVIDIA—certified, AI turnkey solutions

Introducing NetApp® AIPod™, an artificial intelligence and machine learning focused converged infrastructure built on NetApp all-flash storage. Supported by NetApp’s industry-leading storage systems plus NetApp BlueXP®, AI Control Plane, and DataOps Toolkit, AIPod integrates with the most popular MLOps platforms. AIPod is a comprehensive AI solution designed to address the challenges that businesses face when adopting and implementing AI. It consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference compute into a single AI infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity.

The NetApp AIPod with NVIDIA DGX is a member of the AIPod solutions family, based on NVIDIA BasePod, and validated with NVIDIA’s DGX H100 systems. With AIPod with NVIDIA DGX, you can fully realize the promise of AI by simplifying, accelerating, and integrating your data pipeline with an innovative converged infrastructure stack for AI/ML.

Data management simplicity for AI without creating new silos

New FlexPod® for AI reference architectures extend the leading converged infrastructure solution from NetApp and Cisco. FlexPod for AI now supports the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, and it can be extended to leverage Red Hat OpenShift and SuSE Rancher. New scaling and benchmarking have been added to support increasingly GPU-intensive applications. Customers can use these new FlexPod solutions to gain an end-to-end blueprint to efficiently design, deploy, and operate the FlexPod platform for AI use cases.

NVIDIA OVX Partnership makes NetApp the first enterprise storage vendor to formally partner with NVIDIA on NVIDIA OVX systems. These systems provide a validated architecture for selected server vendors to use leading NVIDIA L40S GPUs along with NVIDIA ConnectX-7 network adapters and Bluefield-3 DPUs.

NetApp can help you build an intelligent data infrastructure that shatters silos, optimizes AI and GenAI, and delivers agility for a rapidly changing landscape. Our unified approach to infrastructure and data management enables performance, productivity, and protection everywhere with turnkey solutions that accelerate time to results.

Welcome to the future with NetApp’s family of AI-ready infrastructures.

Join the AI revolution with NetApp

Ready to take control of your GenAI journey? Visit our AI solutions page or connect directly with an AI specialist. Let's harness the power of AI together with NetApp AIPod.

Phil Brotherton

As vice president of NetApp’s Solutions and Alliances program, Phil Brotherton is responsible for leading NetApp product/service teams and strategic partners to bring customers exceptional value in advanced solution areas including AI, modern analytics, private, hybrid and public clouds, and database and enterprise applications. Prior to building and leading the Solutions and Alliances program, he founded and led NetApp’s Public Cloud business unit. He also focused on product development, global alliance, and marketing programs for grid and virtualized infrastructure environments.

Before joining NetApp in 2004, Phil spent the dot-com era in startups—leading Marketing for JNI and Acta Technologies. He started his Silicon Valley career at Hewlett-Packard where he held a variety of engineering and marketing roles building UNIX servers and enterprise storage.

Phil holds two degrees from the University of California—an MBA degree from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and an engineering degree from UC Santa Barbara.

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