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Future-Proof Your EUC Strategy—Measure Twice, Cut Once

Jim DeCaires

This week at NetApp INSIGHT® in Las Vegas, we’re launching the new NetApp® HCI H615C solution for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop with NVIDIA T4 GPU cards. This validated solution, NetApp HCI for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, delivers the design guidance and best practices for Citrix Virtual Desktops and workstations.   Virtual desktops (VDIs) have become important building blocks for end-user  computing (EUC), which expands the virtual workspace to manage and provision many points of delivery (BYOD) anywhere. Building the right EUC strategy to address the increasing diversity of users while stretching to the cloud is a challenge for companies struggling to maintain their legacy VDI silos. NetApp’s “measure twice, cut once” approach delivers the simplest future-proof EUC strategy—and it’s ready to evolve with your timeline.

Measurement #1:  A single foundation must be scalable for high user density and diverse user types

The foundational key to the entire evolutionary journey is the right hardware platform for the VDI and EUC solution. It is imperative to measure your foundation to verify that it will scale capacity independently from compute with linear performance growth, consolidate workloads into a single platform, and simplify connectivity to multicloud environments. NetApp HCI is designed to exceed all the values required when measuring your foundational platform for hybrid cloud readiness of your EUC solution.

  • Measure simplicity. NetApp HCI combines storage, compute, networking, and hypervisor for simplicity.
  • Measure performance. NetApp HCI delivers high-performance linear scaling of compute and storage, independently.
  • Measure agility. NetApp HCI compute nodes with NVIDIA GPUs deliver graphic acceleration in the same platform, eliminating silos. NVIDIA GPU software virtualizes GPUs (vGPU), optimizes hardware utilization, and delivers compute flexibility to dynamically adapt to changing demands.
    • NetApp HCI H610C compute nodes with 2 NVIDIA Tesla M10s can support up to 64 vGPUs. Perfect for knowledge workers.
    • NetApp HCI H615C compute nodes with NVIDIA Tesla T4 can support up to 48 vGPUs and can also be reprovisioned to support 3 full-performance GPUs for graphic-intensive applications running on virtual workstations. Perfect for power users.

Measurement #2:  Data must be unbounded and flow easily to where it’s needed, when it’s needed

Your business depends on data, which is growing by the second, with access demands from everywhere. As you measure the needs of your business, you will find that a data fabric powered by NetApp gives you a common framework to simplify the integration and orchestration of data services across your choice of clouds.

  • Measure mobility. With a data fabric delivered by NetApp, you can move your data across your environment to and from any cloud.
  • Measure protection: Your data fabric from NetApp eliminates silos and boundaries to back up and restore your data on your premises, to remote data centers,  or to the cloud.
  • Measure cloud.  Your data needs to flow to any cloud. NetApp HCI and your data fabric deliver the foundation for your hybrid multicloud business demands.
  • Measure automation. NetApp Fabric Orchestrator you can organize, protect, secure, orchestrate, and integrate your data in the multicloud world from a single management console.
Now you’re ready to cut through silos and data mobility restrictions that limit the reach of your virtual desktop and EUC solutions. Now you can transform your data center with a data fabric from NetApp and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop.

Cut once: EUC-ready with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for the hybrid multicloud

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with NetApp HCI and a data fabric from NetApp offers benefits beyond standard VDI solutions, delivering fully functioning virtual desktops and the applications that your employees need to remain productive. Virtual desktops and workstations delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops look and feel the same as locally installed desktops—even with demanding applications such as 3D CAD/CAM and graphic design applications.

NetApp HCI  and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop with a data fabric from NetApp enable you to cut the limitations of the ordinary:

  • Cut limits. Free stranded data with data fabric mobility, consolidate silos with NetApp HCI.
  • Cut boundaries. NetApp HCI provides the platform to deliver virtual desktops and workstations to entry-level workers for normal use cases, to knowledge workers for Windows 10 office use cases, and to power workers for graphics-intense design, analysis, and 3D use cases.
  • Cut underutilization. Advanced power users for VDI, such as scientists, have an insatiable need for 3D manipulation of HD objects on screen during the day, but they leave those resources sitting idle at night. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on NetApp HCI and NVIDIA GPUs, you can optimize utilization of these valuable resources by repurposing them for high-performance overnight postprocessing.
  • Cut complexity. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop with NetApp HCI delivers VDI to meet the demands of diverse users in many locations.
  • Cut gravity. Discover the power of weightless data with the Citrix EUC solution and learn how it can accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Next Steps

With NetApp HCI and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with NVIDIA GPUs  you can grow, customize, and flex your VDI solution to meet the dynamic demands of a wide range of users on a single platform, with data mobility across the data center and to the cloud.

Find out more This validated solution, NetApp HCI for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, delivers the design guidance and best practices for Citrix Virtual Desktops and workstations here, and come by our booth at NetApp Insight in Las Vegas, from October 28-30, 2019.

Jim DeCaires

Jim DeCaires is a Product Manager for HCI Solutions at NetApp. He has been working at delivering converged and hyper converged infrastructure solutions for 6 years.

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