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NetApp Active IQ: Solving Today’s Problems and Uncovering Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Meghan Cevey

Active IQ mobile app[/caption] Artificial intelligence and machine learning are more than just tools that NetApp customers use to drive results — they are tools in NetApp’s own arsenal that are providing customers and partners with additional business value.

NetApp Active IQ is an intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NetApp community wisdom to deliver deep insights into our customers’ data management environment. That’s good news for our partners and customers, including Chief Information Officers and IT leaders who are charged with leading digital transformation and optimizing their IT investments.

As CIO magazine described, IT leaders have gone from data overload to being hungry for analytic tools to help them drive business decisions. Leveraging the innovation in public cloud systems, Active IQ rises to that challenge with agility and flexibility.

How NetApp Active IQ works

Each day, Active IQ receives data from more than 300,000 NetApp assets around the globe. Active IQ analyzes these records to provide custom recommendations, identify issues in real time that need prompt action, and generate deeper insights based on analysis of historical data. Results have been impressive: 92 percent of users say that Active IQ has improved their data management capabilities.

Here are three ways that NetApp Active IQ can help CIOs who are increasingly responsible for both leading transformative change and effectively managing their IT infrastructure.

Maximize efficiency to optimize investments

As the amount of data that our customers process continues to grow, IT leaders are under growing pressure to stay ahead of the infrastructure curve. Active IQ delivers actionable intelligence that contributes to sound decision-making.

Analysis that used to take days or weeks is generated in minutes, including storage efficiency data and recommendations for optimizing efficiency. Active IQ also shows how much storage customers are using and forecasts when additional storage will be needed.

Accelerate issue resolution so that IT teams can work smarter

When employees spend less time managing day-to-day issues, they can invest their energy on activities that have higher value. Active IQ helps resolve issues before they cause business problems.

Active IQ identifies potential risks and generates mitigation plans that are based on more than 200 billion data points. Automated features in Active IQ handle issues with no action needed on the customers’ part. In fact, 98 percent of issues are resolved automatically, and there are 85 percent fewer P1 cases with machine learning.

Drive value by generating new business opportunities

Active IQ analytics get smarter over time as new products join the NetApp community, providing more robust analysis. That information can drive powerful new business insights that lead to new revenue-generating opportunities.

The reference architecture that provides the foundation for Active IQ can be leveraged to build new micro services that deliver exactly what customers need, on a scale that meets their unique compute needs. From self-driving cars to digital medical devices, the number of use cases that can take advantage of this architecture is enormous.

The capabilities and features of Active IQ are integrated into all products in the NetApp portfolio and are included with an active support contract—including warranties. Are you ready to learn more about how NetApp partners can leverage Active IQ? Learn more from our NetApp Active IQ partner adoption kit.

Meghan Cevey

Meghan Cevey is the Channel Strategist for the Americas Cloud Infrastructure sales team responsible for driving channel adoption of the NetApp portfolio. She specifically focuses on NetApp’s HCI solution which provides customers with the most efficient and robust hybrid cloud infrastructure in the market today. In 2007, Meghan joined NetApp as a Field Marketing Manager supporting the Northeast Region. Over the past twelve years Meghan has held various roles within NetApp in the Field Marketing and Channel organizations. Her roles have spanned multiple regions across the country. Prior to being named the Cloud Infrastructure Channel Strategist, Meghan was the Channel Development Manager leading the channel strategy for the Global Financial Region out of New York City. Meghan took the role of Channel Strategist in May 2018, blending field experience and diverse perspectives from the marketing and sales organizations to help power the NetApp channel transformation and adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Prior to NetApp, Meghan was a top performing sales manager in a global events and advertising agency based in NYC and Bristol, England. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Tennessee. Meghan is very active in various charities, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization very close to her heart.

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