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NetApp helps you maximize your Oracle Multitenant investment

Dave Krenik
Dave Krenik
People say it's lonely at the top, but I sure like the view. —Charlie Sheen

When you’re the first & only at something, by definition, that puts you in a lonely place. Just ask Lusia Harris-Stewart. In 1977 Harris-Stewart became the first & only woman to be drafted into the NBA. She was drafted by the New Orleans Jazz (later the Utah Jazz). She never suited up in the NBA and later said that she never intended to participate in training camp. Man, that would have been one lonely locker room.

WNBA players, Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson, and Morgan TuckAnother example of women athletes: In 2016 Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson, and Morgan Tuck were drafted into the WNBA — the first & only college players, all from the same school (University of Connecticut), to be drafted in any professional sport.

“First & only” to enable customers to get the most out of Oracle Multitenant

Container Databases with Pluggable DatabasesOracle began offering Container Databases (CDBs) with Pluggable Databases (PDBs) in the 12c version of Oracle Database. 19c is the last version to offer both the traditional and CDB deployment models. Version 21c and later offer only the multitenant architecture.

Given that change, it’s obviously important that your preferred hardware vendor fully supports this architecture.  Oracle offers two different methods to clone Oracle PDBs. One method still depends on a time-consuming streaming copy-based approach and uses a database link to refresh PDBs to an alternate CDB in a different host. The other (more restrictive) method is based on copy-on-write (COW) at the file-system level. This method is presently applicable only for DNFS layout, must be within the same host, and the source database must be read only. Good thing that Oracle didn’t specify that this method only works on prime-numbered days of the month.

You can overcome these limitations by using NetApp® SnapCenter® 4.4 with the SnapCenter Plug-in for Oracle Database. You can easily clone a PDB within a CDB to the same or different CDB on a different host by using SnapCenter backups. NetApp is the first and only storage vendor with this level of support for cloning Oracle PDB’s. This means that NetApp helps you to:
  • Accelerate upgrade and patching activities.
  • Speed time to market with a much faster and more efficient database cloning process.
If you’re both curious and technically inclined, read SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle Database: Best Practices by NetApp’s Ebin Kadavy.

To learn more about how NetApp can help you get the most out of your Oracle investment, visit the NetApp Oracle webpage.

Dave Krenik

Dave has been bringing solutions to market under various monikers (alliances, business development, solution marketing) for more than 15 years. Before entering the world of tech, he enjoyed a 15-year stint in the wine business.

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