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Removing the licensing barrier to ransomware protection

Protection with no licensing barriers

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Grant Getz

Ransomware attacks are a constant threat to businesses of all sizes, and they continue to evolve, becoming more sophisticated and damaging. Few storage providers take ransom attacks as seriously as NetApp. Many competitors rely on third-party security solutions, which can create vulnerabilities. To address this issue, NetApp has developed a native autonomous ransomware protection solution that uses advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to protect, detect, and recover from ransomware attacks.

Protect yourself before it's too late

The NetApp® solution includes multiple layers of protection, including file scanning and anomaly detection based on your organization's normal behavior, and it can automatically detect and quarantine infected files. When an attack is recognized, the solution takes a Snapshot™ copy so that a recovery point is available, and it sends an alert to the admin as soon as suspicious behavior is detected.

NetApp wants our security capabilities to be available to and usable by all of our customers. This availability is made possible through NetApp ONTAP® One, a new, all-inclusive licensing suite. ONTAP one enables the security features to span the entire NetApp cluster. It brings together the entire NetApp security portfolio with features like Autonomous Ransomware Protection, SnapLock® compliance software, Multi-Tenant Key Manager, Multi Admin Verification, and more. NetApp recommends moving to ONTAP 9.11.1 or later to take advantage of all that ONTAP One has to offer.

The three shields of cyber resilience

It's crucial to have ransomware protection, and to fully safeguard your data ONTAP One includes the following features.

SnapLock helps organizations protect their data against ransomware attacks. The compliance software uses sophisticated WORM (write once, read many) technology to make protected data volumes indelible, protecting data against tampering and deletion. SnapLock can also help organizations meet regulatory requirements and protect their data from malicious actors, whether internal or external. And its compliance features make it easier for organizations to manage data retention and disposal policies.

Multi-Tenant Key Manager (MTKM) is a key management solution that enables organizations to manage multiple encryption keys securely and efficiently. MTKM is designed to meet the needs of multi-tenant environments, where different customers or departments require their own encryption keys. It offers a central repository for all encryption keys, making it easier to manage and secure data across the enterprise.

Multi Admin Verification (MAV) is a security feature that helps organizations make sure that sensitive operations, such as changing user permissions or deleting data, are performed only by authorized personnel. MAV requires a secondary administrator to verify any critical operation before it is executed, helping to prevent accidental or malicious changes to data. This feature provides an additional layer of security to NetApp's already robust security offerings, giving organizations greater control over their data and reducing the risk of unauthorized access or changes.

If those features don’t make you feel safe enough, NetApp is so confident in its ability to keep your data safe that we guarantee it with NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee. NetApp warrants Snapshot data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

The clock is ticking

With ONTAP One, organizations can now access NetApp's robust suite of security features, along with all the features that ONTAP offers, without worrying about licensing barriers. This means that all our customers can take the necessary steps to protect themselves from the threats we all worry about.

Learn more about ONTAP One

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Grant Getz

Grant Getz is an Outbound Product Manager for ONTAP. Prior to NetApp Grant was awarded as a Top 50 Tech Visionary for his work as the product manager for a data services platform. He also founded his own start-up, a music app that allowed users to contribute to a shared playlist regardless of platform or app. He has a passion for bringing products to the market that impact the future business and building a product vision that changes the status quo. In his free time, Grant enjoys high-end sports cards, and spending time with his friends and family.

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