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KubeCon 2019: The Morphological Convergence to Cloud Native, Everywhere

Chris Merz

Time seems to pass particularly swiftly in the technology world; it's hard to believe that KubeCon is now entering its fifth year as the premier event and gathering for the Kubernetes ecosystem. As we approach the upcoming European event, taking place in the amazing city of Barcelona from May 20 through 23, it’s striking to look back at the swift and unprecedented rise of containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud-native movement.

Since the orchestrator was open sourced in mid-2014, we have witnessed the inexorable advance of Kubernetes as the Next Big Thing in technology. Although containers have been around since 2008 (and in many prior forms before then), the explosion of interest and wholesale adoption over the past several years have mirrored the growth of the management system that has come to be a ubiquitous symbol for microservice architectures, as well as a core pillar of what it means to be cloud native. As Kubernetes goes, so go containerized applications.

With its growing adoption in the classic enterprise space, K8s is entering the next phase of maturation. Although the concept of cloud native is often associated with public hyper-scale cloud providers, Kubernetes offers a common path for cloud native to be extended to all clouds—public, private, and hybrid, on the premises and off. The lines have blurred, or become cloudy (please forgive the pun).

What is a cloud? What are cloud native best practices? How is DevOps involved in this journey from traditional IT models to the new cloud-native era? These questions lead us to an explanation borrowed from biology: morphological convergence. The reason that everything is starting to look the same (in many ways) is due to the dictates of adaptation. When a physical form is adaptively superior, organisms of differing biological backgrounds end up looking quite similar (for example, sharks and dolphins).

Cloud-native practices, tools, and architectures are the path to adaptive technical business practices, and most organizations (62%, according to a recent Turbonomic survey) are on their journey to cloud-native morphology. In undertaking this next great transformation, NetApp has emerged as the trusted advisor for the enterprise and global business. We help guide organizations from their first tentative steps to complete cloud-native transition, with a true hybrid multicloud experience, powered by a NetApp® Data Fabric that interconnects the lifeblood of your organization: your data.

We invite you to join us at KubeCon 2019 in Barcelona to experience our exciting and innovative solutions, products, and Data Fabric improvements. Learn how NetApp extends cloud-native capabilities to the enterprise and to the world's largest global technology organizations.

To learn more, please join us at the following events:

  • Visit us at CloudNative  Storage Day on Monday May 20 from 8:30 to 17:00.
  • Participate in our exclusive KubeHunt: a Barcelona scavenger hunt for KubeCon attendees on Monday May 20 starting at 18:00. Find more information here.
  • Visit our website for full information about the event.

Chris Merz

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