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Be your own cloud. Introducing SolidFire Enterprise SDS.

Sandy MacDonnell

introducing solidfire enterprise sdsFor more than a decade, SolidFire® has delivered guaranteed performance and efficiency on a highly automatable, scale-out, all-flash data storage architecture that is easy to deploy and manage. Today, NetApp is announcing SolidFire Enterprise SDS, a truly enterprise software-defined storage offering. SolidFire eSDS delivers all the features you demand from tier 1 storage—enterprise-grade reliability, predictable performance, secure multitenancy, and more—with the flexibility of independent hardware procurement for business and operational optimization.

What is SolidFire Enterprise SDS?

This isn’t just any software-defined software offering. SolidFire Enterprise SDS is the best of industry-leading NetApp® Element® software packaged in containers, giving you the flexibility of deploying independently of the SolidFire appliance. With the new SolidFire eSDS offering, you can now select the components that are best for your business: your preferred hardware vendor (check the IMT for details), plus the highly scalable Element software with guaranteed performance and quality of service.

How is SolidFire Enterprise SDS different from appliance-based?

Appliance-based eSDS
  • Tuned and engineered appliance
  • Fully integrated hardware and software
  • End-to-end support
  • Choice and flexibility in server hardware
  • Operational flexibility
  • Collaborative support with hardware partners

Two deployment options to fit your needs:

  • One storage operating system
  • One API
  • One license
  • One data plane
Not quite ready to make the leap to SolidFire eSDS? No problem! Buy one license with appliances today with the flexibility to move to a software-defined data center tomorrow. Term capacity licensing for SolidFire appliances and SolidFire eSDS makes it easier and more economical than ever to use Element software across your entire data center, precisely aligned with ever-changing data center needs.

Either way you choose to deploy SolidFire, you get all the benefits of reduced TCO from lower maintenance fees and operational expenses, guaranteed performance for thousands of apps simultaneously, and API first automation.

What else is new with Element?

  • Software and hardware encryption together: Drive lock + software encryption
  • Software encryption at rest: Drive-level encryption with industry-standard algorithms
  • Multilayer volume security: Access group + CHAP + VLANs
  • Multifactor authentication: Increased user security beyond passwords
  • External key management: Centralized key management through industry-standard protocols
Learn more about SolidFire and take Element for a test drive

Sandy MacDonnell

Sandy is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp. She fell in love with high tech living in the Silicon Valley. After a stint in NetApp’s legal department, and a brief time in Taiwan, she found her way back home to Colorado for an MBA. When she’s not in the office Sandy is in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients she’s discovered on her latest travels, running up the closest mountain or planning her next adventure.

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