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NetApp INSIGHT 2019 Customer Sessions

Bala Ramesh Babu

INSIGHT 2019 is just around the corner and promises to deliver a wealth of technical sessions and hands-on labs to help you make the most of NetApp’s rich DevOps technologies, enabling you to simplify workloads and improve business value.

What’s better than having NetApp’s technical experts talk about our DevOps solutions? Listening to some of our valuable customers validate how it helps them accelerate application development/mission-critical workloads and translates to time, money and effort saved! Here’s a list of some customer-presented sessions at this year’s INSIGHT in the DevOps space:

2004-2 Hughes Network Systems: Using NetApp and Ansible to Set-up Production-like Test Environments to Improve Quality and Speed Innovation

  • Presenters:
    • Nick Ferrant, Systems Engineer, Hughes Network Systems
    • David Blackwell, TME, NetApp
  • Date/Time: 30 OCT @ 10:15am
Hughes Network Systems uses NetApp’s Ansible modules today to handle IT orchestration and automate most of its Day-0 and Day-1 operations. This session is the story of Hughes automation journey. Hughes’ success has not only served as an internal model, it has paved the way for new areas of IT innovation and transformation.  Hughes will share their story along with an example of how these changes have positively impacted their IT operation. Learn how Ansible can radically simplify automating infrastructure setup and management!

2020-3 Honda: Transforming ITaaS with Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Presenters:
    • Matt Kletzly, Principal Technologist, NetApp
    • Nicki Clear, Storage Administrator, Honda R&D
  • Date/Time: 28 OCT @ 1:15pm
Honda Research and Development of America is in the process of aggressively transforming its IT offerings to that of IT as a Service (“ITaaS”) by embracing a Software Defined Infrastructure environment (“SDI”) on the NetApp Hybrid Cloud offerings. This session highlights Honda’s journey in the DevOps space, with demos on:
  • using Ansible to automate workflows
  • Trident to provision storage on ONTAP & HCI for their OpenShift environment
  • a CI/CD workflow for custom applications and working on containerization of existing and new applications.

2022-2 Verizon: Persistent Storage and Cloud Bursting for Kubernetes
  • Presentesrs:
    • Amandeep Singh, Sr. Storage Architect, Verizon
    • Nandhakumar Venkatachalam, Principal Devops Engineer, Verizon
  • Tuesday, October 29, 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM
It is safe to say that Verizon Media (formerly Yahoo) is a big fan of Kubernetes, having one of the largest Kubernetes deployments in the world (almost 100K containers).  Trident, NetApp’s dynamic storage orchestrator can greatly help simplify storage for Kubernetes users and provide a strong set of data management capabilities. This session will focus on the importance of persistent storage for stateful containerized applications and how Trident helps automate storage consumption, with a demo of configuring Trident for a private and public cloud.

Stay in touch with everything INSIGHT and follow us on Twitter: @NetAppINSIGHT, @NetAppPartners. See you there!

Bala Ramesh Babu

Bala is a member of NetApp’s Open Ecosystem group and primarily works with the OpenStack team, where he is responsible for highlighting NetApp’s OpenStack solutions. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Networking from NC State University.

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