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Simple, predictable and profitable incentives with NetApp Unified Partner Program

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Lou Anne Reynolds
Lou Anne Reynolds

Our partners are the driving force behind a thriving ecosystem that connects the dots and delivers robust cloud solutions to meet customers’ priorities. Investing in our partners is a way of saying thank you to them for taking this journey with us and recognizing their contributions to our business.

Recently, we shared how the NetApp® Unified Partner Program (UPP) is evolving to help partners achieve more and take advantage of growth opportunities, including specializations, to help differentiate themselves.

Building on what we’ve shared so far, I want to highlight the latest changes we’ve made to the UPP, including incentives and rewards that reflect the ever-evolving market, customer needs, and our priorities.  

Investing in our partners is the real deal

We recognize the opportunities that partners bring to the table, and we want to make it profitable for them. We want to make it as easy as possible for partners to earn financial rewards and incentives with a clear understanding of what they need to do, how much they can earn, and how it’s calculated.

Our partners know how to excel in their business and generate new opportunities. That’s why we work so well together and why we’re so grateful for our partner ecosystem. We’re not changing the recipe for success; we’re using the same ingredients with a new look to the menu and a scaled-up presentation that’s laser-focused on enhancing partner experience and adding value.

Why have we changed the UPP incentive structure?

Partners have told us that they want simple, predictable incentives to help grow their businesses, and we’ve listened. These updates will clearly differentiate our partners in ways that are relevant to customer priorities and that recognize how our partners contribute to customer success.

Just like financial planning at home, we understand how important it is to know what money is coming in the door. When you can count on incentive earnings that are clearly calculated and predictable, you can budget better for household expenses, plan for repairs and renovations, and even book a vacation. That’s easier to do when you have a clear, predictable formula for success.

Partner-focused tier incentives

UPP tier incentives are one of the ways that we invest in our partners. Based on a partner’s level or tier, payouts start at $1, enabling partners to earn more, earn faster, and increase profitability. They may be eligible to earn in four different categories. This structure is easy to understand, and partners know what financial rewards they can earn.

So, what have we done?

  • Removed “goals” and introduced payouts starting at $1 (dollar one).
  • Consolidated multiple incentive structures into one, creating a consistent global structure that is regionally relevant.
  • Made it easier for partners to clearly understand how much they can earn and how it’s calculated.
  • Increased simplicity and predictability throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Aimed to motivate and reward partners for the NetApp business they deliver

We’ve taken out the guesswork and designed a program that makes it easier than ever for NetApp to invest in partners’ business, dollar for dollar.

Deal-based incentives and solution specializations

Another way that we invest in our partners is with a great set of deal-based incentives and rebates that were introduced earlier this year. They align with key initiatives, focus areas, and priorities; some are standalone, and others are included with specific solution specializations​. Many of our strategic partners may also be eligible for additional business development funds, which can be used to reinvest back into their NetApp business.

In July, we also shared why specialization is so valuable with NetApp, and how having a certification tells others that you have certain specialized knowledge. The UPP rewards and specializations are a solution- and customer-centric approach.

Our team is always looking for ways to offer a positive partner experience that’s beneficial and profitable along the entire partner journey. Partners are a crucial part of the NetApp team and will continue to be a key element of our success. We make investments like these to offer our partners the opportunity for maximum profitability.

Want more details about our new UPP incentives and rewards? Visit the NetApp Unified Partner Program page on Partner Hub (login required).

Lou Anne Reynolds

Lou Anne is Director of Global Partner Programs at NetApp and leads a worldwide team that designs and manages the NetApp Unified Partner Program and Partner Investment Programs. These programs are designed to deliver a global partner investment and recognition framework that advances the overall partner strategy with solution providers, integrators and service providers. Lou Anne ensures that the Unified Partner Program continues to stay ahead of the market, drives partner alignment to key imperatives, maintains a high level of partner commitment and demonstrates clear and measurable impact on the business and partner satisfaction. Previously, Lou Anne was Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing at PTC where she designed and built the global partner marketing strategy, team, programs, systems and processes from the ground up. She led a global team that supported the marketing needs of the PTC partner ecosystem: Strategic Alliances, Global System Integrators, Solution Providers, and Technology Providers. Prior to joining PTC, Lou Anne held several leadership positions including: Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing Programs at EMC, Manager of VAR Programs at Network Integrity, Partner Manager and Account Executive at Microsoft. Lou Anne earned an BA from Boston University. Lou Anne lives in Acton, MA with her husband, three teenage children and their dog. She is an avid gardener and a wine enthusiast.

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