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What is the Ideal Database Infrastructure?

Dave Krenik
Dave Krenik

database-infrastructure-1024x576 What is ideal? A long (4 or 5 hour) bike ride along the Colorado Front Range followed up with some of my favorite carbonated nourishment is an ideal day in my book. And apparently Wout van Aert had an ideal day too—at this year’s edition of Strade Bianche when he soloed in for the win in the final 13 kilometers. With a broken wheel and 5 punctures, Julian Alaphilippe most certainly did not have an ideal day.    So what’s ideal when it comes to databases? Oracle Databases specificallyIf it were strictly about performance, folks would just stuff all the memory into their servers and license the Database In-Memory and/or TimesTen option at (nearly) equal cost (in total) to their Enterprise Edition database licenses.  I think that “ideal” is a balance between performance, costs, and ease of usealong with providing a path to the cloud whenever you’re ready.    Here’s what the Evaluator Group has to say about running your Oracle Databases on NetApp. In our customer interviews we also saw that the data management features in ONTAP can be used to streamline operational support by storage administrators and accelerate the productivity of application managers and developers. You can read the entire Technical Insight Report and see for yourself what NetApp can do for your Oracle environment.    Check out the Oracle Database Solutions webpage to learn about all the ways we can help you derive more value from your Oracle investment   

Dave Krenik

Dave has been bringing solutions to market under various monikers (alliances, business development, solution marketing) for more than 15 years. Before entering the world of tech, he enjoyed a 15-year stint in the wine business.

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