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Zero downtime, total confidence

NetApp SAN storage with built-in SnapMirror active sync

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Ling Wang
Ling Wang

Although we can't always prevent disasters and cyberthreats, we can improve our preparedness. In business, safeguarding crucial data requires robust and resilient storage solutions. Considering the significance of data in every enterprise, data security and disaster recovery should be integral to storage.

That’s why NetApp's all-flash storage, with AFF unified storage for workload consolidation and ASA block storage for SAN-optimized deployment—is at the forefront in delivering resilience and performance. These systems come with built-in cyber resilience that safeguards data against ransomware with guaranteed ransomware recovery, as well as business continuity protection against humanmade or natural disasters. Even better, ASA block storage provides industry-leading resilience through symmetric active-active multipathing with a high-availability pair of storage controllers and guaranteed six-nines data availability.

With the new NetApp® SnapMirror® active sync, NetApp's SAN storage solutions are more compelling than ever, offering leading-edge data protection and resilience to provide uninterrupted access to data and continuous business operations.

Built-in business continuity for nonstop data availability

Applications running in SAN environments are usually crucial to business operations, so their continuous availability is essential. SnapMirror active sync responds to the challenge of nonstop data availability with a zero recovery time objective (RTO) and a zero recovery point objective (RPO) for continuous business operations. Adding to the portfolio of SnapMirror technologies trusted by thousands of customers, SnapMirror active sync delivers cutting-edge resilience and performance for multisite protection with application-level granularity of block data. For customers who are familiar with NetApp SnapMirror Business Continuity, we have enhanced this technology with support of symmetric active-active architecture across two sites in different locations, providing balanced resource utilization and high availability. This means that every site is primed to pick up workloads at any moment with SnapMirror active sync. 

SnapMirror is easy to deploy, cost effective, and comes built in with the NetApp ONTAP® One software package without the need for another software license.  

How does SnapMirror active sync work?

SnapMirror active sync technology enables synchronous bidirectional replication at the application level, allowing multisite copies of data to be actively accessible and in sync across both sites. If a failure occurs, applications are immediately redirected to the remaining active site, with no loss of data and no loss of access.

The process is automatic and instantaneous, is transparent to the end user, and does not require administrative intervention. When the downed site is restored, the active site replicates data back so that operations are instantly continued across both sites. With SnapMirror active sync, organizations can rely on a data protection strategy that’s multilayered and accounts for many different types of data loss.

Simplified deployment with optimized costs

Availability across multisite operations is often a requirement, but until now it hasn’t been easy to create a multisite availability strategy that’s both effective and efficient. For example, using a dormant site is an inefficient use of resources, and the cost of duplicating an entire site can be prohibitive. SnapMirror active sync provides trusted protection for business continuity, and it also simplifies operations to do so cost effectively.

SnapMirror active sync supports seamless and native integration with leading clustering applications, such as VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, Windows Server Failover Cluster, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, and Oracle. It also provides intuitive management. You can set up host access at either site and manage both sites effortlessly through ONTAP System Manager, ONTAP Tools for VMware, and VMware Site Recovery Manager.

SnapMirror active sync enables cost-effective deployment of business continuity solutions. No more dormant site, and you can also use the second site for load balancing. In addition, you get the flexibility to protect only the most critical data at a more granular level without having to replicate your entire site. You can also use your current IP network without having to buy specialized networking equipment.

Prepare for the unexpected and recover rapidly

Even with careful safeguarding, unpredictable (and damaging) events happen. NetApp SAN storage solutions with SnapMirror active sync strengthen your organization’s operational resilience for uninterrupted business continuity, even if the worst happens.

Your critical systems will remain consistently online and performing optimally, so your business can thrive even amid unforeseen disruptions. Because continuity isn't just about survival—it's about enabling businesses to flourish with confidence, no matter the challenges.

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Explore NetApp ASA all-flash block storage, the benefits of SnapMirror active sync, and our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Ling Wang

Ling Wang is a senior product marketing manager who has been driving all-flash enterprise storage growth at NetApp for more than 10 years. Ling has worked in the high-tech industry for more than 20 years, and she has marketing and technical expertise across a broad range of areas including enterprise storage and data management, semiconductors, wireless networking, embedded systems, and telecommunications. She has an MBA in marketing and management strategy from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and an MS in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

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