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How High-Performance Computing Gives Manufacturers an Edge

Julie Fagan

Innovation is the crux upon which manufacturers build a competitive edge. To maintain their advantage in the marketplace, manufacturers must continually evolve their existing products. At the same time, they must work to develop new, exciting products that take the market by storm. Maybe a dairy producer is working to develop milk with an extended shelf life, or an aeronautics company is trying to build a jet plane that can fly safer, farther, and faster than its predecessors. Or maybe a lumber manufacturer is developing engineered wood products that save forests. No matter what the industry is, innovation never stops.

At the heart of all this innovation is a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. From design, to production, to postsales support, manufacturers rely on HPC solutions to deliver better products faster and more cost effectively. For example:

Regardless of its use, an HPC infrastructure is critical for enabling manufacturers like you to get higher-quality products to market faster and to keep customers happy and loyal. Along with extreme compute speed to quickly process and analyze massive amounts of data, an effective HPC solution also needs highly reliable storage that can keep pace with the compute power. If your storage is slow or unavailable, data can’t be accessed, and work comes to a halt. This downtime not only results in staggering financial costs, but it can also delay production and delivery enough for your competitors to take the lead.

NetApp® high-performance E-Series systems provide a fast, reliable, cost-effective storage solution that helps keep your manufacturing operations running. You can seamlessly scale E-Series systems to accommodate the vast amount of data from Internet of Things devices as well as the data that machine learning and deep learning training generate.

A NetApp E-Series HPC solution also enables you to support multipetabyte datasets and file systems such as Lustre, IBM Spectrum Scale, and BeeGFS. These enterprise-grade HPC systems deliver top performance in industry benchmarks. With the E-Series granular, building-block approach to growth, you can scale your system from terabytes to petabytes by adding capacity in any increment. Add one or multiple drives at a time, whatever suits your needs. You can also significantly lower your TCO, because the industry-leading density per megabyte of NetApp E-Series HPC solutions helps reduce your power, cooling, and support costs.

With a NetApp E-Series HPC solution, your manufacturing organization can:

  • Accelerate performance. Deploy systems that deliver top performance in industry benchmarks. Your NetApp E-Series HPC system can process up to 1 million random read IOPS at less than 250 microseconds and 14GBps sustained (maximum burst) write bandwidth per scalable building block.
  • Improve reliability. Keep design, production, and support operations running and maintain data integrity with systems that deliver 99.9999%+ availability and industry-leading durability, based on nearly 1 million units shipped.
  • Simplify operations. Add performance and capacity nondisruptively and without complex deployments or migrations. Dynamically configure new systems for faster deployment and automate common tasks for easier management.

Keep pace with the speed of innovation. Learn more about how NetApp E-Series HPC solutions can help your manufacturing company innovate and gain a competitive edge.

Julie Fagan

Julie Fagan has a long career in high-tech solutions marketing. She loves working at NetApp where she gets to focus on bringing the best video surveillance and high performance computing storage solutions to the world along with her awesome co-workers.

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