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GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability report

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Cliff Oberholtzer
Cliff Oberholtzer

With a customer base composed of some of the largest and most demanding users of IT in the world, NetApp knows the importance of maintaining world-class observability across a complex hybrid multicloud landscape. Not only do we know this—we invest in it. This fact was reaffirmed recently as NetApp once again ranked high in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability report. We’ve moved up the leadership scale this year, making the leap from being a Leader/Fast Mover in 2022 to a Leader/Outperformer in 2023.

Cloud Insights scores a trifecta

The GigaOm report, which compares and contrasts 20 observability players against a common set of critical criteria, describes why observability is so much more than simple monitoring; it adds analytics and actionable insights to “just the facts.” This conclusion from GigaOm mirrors NetApp’s perspective—although monitoring may tell you that there’s a problem, observability helps you understand why systems are behaving the way they are and what to do about it.

If you remember the report from 2022, you will notice that the 2023 report shows that many vendors, even though they remained in the Leaders circle, seem to have taken a step back in the radar. This is not because they “got worse”; it’s because the “average” baseline and expectations have moved higher. If every vendor has added a particular feature, it’s hard for any one vendor to rate better than the rest. NetApp® Cloud Insights bucks this trend. In fact, it scored the trifecta, as a Leader and an Outperformer, located in the Innovation quadrant which is a new win for Cloud Insights in the 2023 report.

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Figure 1: GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

Cloud Insights: An innovative solution

Our ability to span a diverse landscape is key. According to one analyst firm, over 70% of organizations employ a hybrid multicloud strategy. As software as a service, NetApp Cloud Insights provides a simple, consistent operational environment no matter where your infrastructure is located—in the cloud, on premises, or a mix. Cloud Insights continues to receive high marks in multiple analyst reports. In this case, we appreciate GigaOm’s view, which recognizes Cloud Insights as not only strong, but innovative as well. As GigaOm points out, a good example of our solution strength is that we have an outstanding library of prebuilt and customizable dashboards available to provide users with real-time information, correlated end to end, to easily keep workloads running smoothly. Then Cloud Insights predictive analysis capability takes it a step further, helping users to anticipate issues and propose resolutions even before they are impacted.

Where Cloud Insights really stands out, according to GigaOm, is the ability to avoid the massive risk of cyberthreats. Although other vendors claim some type of ransomware detection, they don’t compare to what Cloud Insights brings to the table—especially when coupled with NetApp ONTAP® systems. Cloud Insights complements the ONTAP Autonomous Ransomware Protection (ARP) feature, and also achieves new levels of protection by identifying anomalous user behaviors. The result is protection that spans both ransomware and insider threats—and no other storage vendor can touch that. However, detection alone is no longer enough. Active steps are necessary to protect your corporate data from attack. When Cloud Insights detects an attack or breach, by using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning it can initiate an immutable NetApp Snapshot™ copy as a recovery point. And it can even block the offending user account from further damaging or exfiltrating corporate data until the incident can be fully investigated.

World-class cloud observability centers around having deep visibility into modern systems, applications, and services in your distributed cloud and on-premises environments. Cloud Insights observability offers performance monitoring, reporting, predictive analytics, cost analysis, and security protection, all of which contribute to IT and operational awareness, keeping your infrastructure resources operating smoothly.

Learn more about Cloud Insights.

Cliff Oberholtzer

Cliff Oberholtzer has been in technology since his youth starting by building his own radios as a hobby, then transitioning to repairing early computer systems before moving into quality engineering then finding his home in product marketing and management. He enjoys bowling, old movies and walking with his four-legged friends. Cliff got his start with a technical degree that was fueled by his passion for technology. Cliff has worked with the needs of data centers and clouds with many monitoring, compute, network, and storage technologies including their disaster recovery needs. Cliff is currently the Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Insights for NetApp.

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