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Free up 5% of your storage capacity by upgrading to ONTAP 9.12.1

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Mahalakshmi G
Mahalakshmi G

As NetApp continues its 30-year history of innovation, we take pride in putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and finding things that make their lives better. One thing that we know all our customer enjoy is getting the most out of their storage while saving money. By upgrading your NetApp® ONTAP® software to ONTAP 9.12.1, you get 5% more storage instantly, lowering your TCO and making you look like a storage pro to your leadership team.

Increased aggregate usable space in ONTAP 9.12.1

Feature capabilities and details

  • New and existing aggregates

We have reduced the NetApp WAFL® file system reserve, which increases the usable capacity of an aggregate (local tiers). (This reduction does not impact storage efficiency). This enhancement is applicable for new and existing aggregates that are at least 30TB in size. If aggregates are created less than 30TB in size and disks are added to make the aggregate larger than 30TB, WAFL reserve reduction will be applied to those aggregates as well. When the cluster is upgraded, it automatically gets 5% more usable space. Reverting ONTAP to a previous version is not allowed if there is not adequate space to increase the WAFL reserve back to 10%.

  • Platforms

This feature is applicable to the NetApp AFF and FAS 500f platforms with ONTAP 9.12.1 or later. AFF All SAN Array systems already provide the additional 5% of storage capacity.

  • Presentation

This extra 5% is displayed through the CLI and ONTAP System Manager. The Available Capacity Space field in Storage Tiers shows 5% optimized additional space.

 Check out your potential savings by upgrading to ONTAP 9.12.1.

Local tier (aggregate)

Before 9.12.1

After 9.12.1

Physical storage gain

Logical storage saving considering our 3:1 SE





















Before and after upgrading to 9.12.1

  • Before 9.12.1, for an AFF cluster an 800TB aggregate had 720TB of usable space and the remaining 10% was the WAFL reserve.
  • After upgrading to ONTAP 9.12.1, the same aggregate has 760TB of usable space and 5% reserved for the WAFL reserve.
before and after ONTAP graph in cylinder shape

Let’s get you upgraded to 9.12.1!

View the ONTAP upgrade documentation, or contact your account rep to upgrade to ONTAP 9.12.1.

Mahalakshmi G

Mahalakshmi works as Subject Matter Expert at NetApp with over 6 years of experience in Data Storage Industry. She is part of ONTAP Manageability Product Management team. She currently focuses on NAS and Storage Efficiency Technologies.

She loves solving real-world customer issues and always looks for a way to solve complex storage management operations. Apart from work, Mahalakshmi is an avid-book reader and enjoys traveling to historical places.

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