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FPolicy and Vscan: The new era of partnerships

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Nikhita Goel
Nikhita Goel

Enterprises recognize the need for a data-centric approach to manage their digital infrastructure and to handle the exponential growth of data from edge to cloud. In this rapidly evolving environment, organizations like yours must take proactive measures to secure business-critical data against ransomware attacks and malware threats while complying with constantly changing data privacy regulations.

So, how can NetApp help you secure your data?

NetApp® FPolicy and Vscan technologies have been part of NetApp ONTAP® data management software for more than a decade. They are incredibly useful in helping you detect ransomware, meet compliance requirements, fight against malware, and much more:

  • FPolicy is a file access notification framework that enables you to monitor and to manage file access over the NFS or SMB/CIFS protocol through NetApp authorized third-party solutions. These solutions help you address data governance and compliance, ransomware protection, and data mobility use cases.
  • Vscan is also a file access notification framework for the SMB/CIFS protocol. By partnering with industry-leading antimalware and antivirus solutions, Vscan protects your data from being compromised by malware. These solutions help you scan files for malware and remediate any affected files.

Let’s talk about the FPolicy and Vscan partner program

At NetApp, we work with partners who can help our customers overcome business challenges and who help build long-term relationships to foster continued innovation to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. This partner program was initiated with FPolicy and Vscan to collaborate with market-leading partners in the data governance, security, and ransomware protection space so that we could offer robust solutions to our joint customers.

The NetApp FPolicy and Vscan partner program starts with the customer and retraces the chain to the solution. We review the business and technical aspects of a partner’s solution, and when we reach internal consensus, we onboard the partner to join our program. This approach confirms that customers work with NetApp supported partners who have a healthy, active relationship with us.

This year, NetApp has revamped the FPolicy and Vscan partner program so that we can efficiently onboard new and upcoming partner solutions. This revision has improved our engagement model with existing partners, and it provides an updated, modern foundation for better solutions, self-validation, go-to-market activities, and much more. 

Our existing FPolicy and Vscan ecosystem includes industry-leading solutions such as NetApp Storage Workload Security, and offerings from Varonis, Veritas, Cleondris, Komprise, ProLion, Netwrix, and many more. Even though we have revised our FPolicy and Vscan partner program, NetApp will continue to innovate, to build, and to collaborate with these existing partners.

In addition to our current partners, we are onboarding two new partners who are taking the industry by storm:

Sentinel One

SentinelOne’s Threat Detection for NetApp is a new, high-performance solution that protects your NetApp systems from malware. With SentinelOne AI-powered cybersecurity, inline scans give verdicts in milliseconds—no signatures required. You can conveniently manage your storage security in the same SentinelOne console that you already employ for user endpoints, cloud workloads, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Deep Instinct logo

Deep Instinct Prevention for Storage (DPS) provides unparalleled security against cyberattacks for NAS, based on its cutting-edge deep learning cybersecurity framework.

So, what are the benefits of this Partner Program?

Benefits of partners and customers diagram

To sum up: NetApp FPolicy and Vscan technologies, along with our partner program, provide comprehensive solutions to secure your business-critical data. Our commitment to building long-term alliances with our partners means that we can continue to offer you industry-leading solutions in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

What’s next?

In the coming months, we will provide a list of partners for FPolicy and Vscan with our documentation to help you select the solution that’s best suited for your environment. In the meantime, check out the list of innovative partners who have already met our standards and joined our other programs.

If you’re interested in applying for the partner program, contact our Partner Alliance Team.

Nikhita Goel

Nikhita is an Economics graduate with a MBA in Big Data Analytics. She has been working with NetApp as a Product Manager for the last 2 years. Her primary focus area includes products and partnerships for data governance, compliance and ransomware along with business continuity. Nikhita has always been a keen learner, who looks forward to challenging tasks that bring about a positive change.

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