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FlexPod for Oracle Database

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Sriram Sagi
Sriram Sagi

Are you looking to make data-driven decision for your enterprise? Do you need a database that can store large amounts of data? One that is secure and easy to use? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then exploring Oracle DB on a prebuilt converged infrastructure can help save you money, stress, and time.

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In today's data-driven business environment, critical applications need to have an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and capable of handling a variety of workloads with ease.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by hosting Oracle Database on a leading converged infrastructure platform like FlexPod®, an integrated system that combines computing, storage, networking, and virtualization resources into a single platform. FlexPod is built with a prevalidated infrastructure, including compute and networking technology from Cisco, data storage and services from NetApp, and virtualization technology from VMware. It's ready to deploy immediately in preconfigured options, or it can be customized to meet customers' needs.

The Oracle 21c RAC offers a one-of-a-kind solution for achieving both high availability and scalability across a range of workloads, including OLTP, analytics, and mixed workloads. It also seamlessly integrates with Oracle's proprietary technologies such as Sharding, Data Guard, and replication, enabling disaster recovery and even greater scalability and availability. By leveraging the best features of existing database architectures and mitigating their limitations, Oracle RAC provides a comprehensive solution that addresses a wide array of enterprise needs. With a ready-to-deploy FlexPod prevalidated infrastructure and a new generation of Oracle 21c RAC architecture, customers can have highly available and scalable applications.

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FlexPod with all-flash AFF A800 & A900

When combined with all-flash storage, the benefits of FlexPod are amplified. All-flash storage provides high performance and low latency, enabling Oracle applications to run faster and more efficiently. It also reduces the risk of data loss and downtime, because it is more reliable and resilient than traditional spinning disks.

NetApp all-flash AFF A900 offers 50% more performance than the previous A700, which helps to accelerate enterprise DBs like Oracle 21c with high performance and extremely low latency. Customers can reduce TCO by consolidating more workloads on a single system and by reducing power/cooling and footprint. With NetApp cloud-connected all-flash systems powered by NetApp ONTAP® data management software, customers can dramatically improve Oracle performance (by up to 20 times compared with traditional storage) and still support both existing and emerging applications with the NetApp unified data management architecture.

FlexPod with UCS Compute

Cisco UCS provides an optimal platform for designing and managing mission-critical database workloads like Oracle RAC. The X210c M6 can be configured with up to two third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. With the availability of M7, customers have the ability to configure UCS X210c M7 compute nodes using up to two fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors to offer more processor cores and the opportunity for enhanced performance and efficiency. Both compute nodes support Nvidia GPUs to reduce the rendering of complex graphics for applications in the manufacturing, media, architectural, and related industries. 

New validated design

A newly released Cisco Validated Design (CVD), FlexPod Datacenter with Oracle 21c RAC DNFS, on Cisco UCS X-Series, 100G Fabric, and NetApp AFF800, describes the reference FlexPod Datacenter architecture using Cisco UCS X-Series and NetApp All Flash storage to deploy a highly available Oracle 21c RAC Database environment. This document shows the hardware and software configuration of the components involved and the results of various tests. It also offers implementation and best practices guidance using Cisco UCS X-Series Compute Servers, Cisco Fabric Interconnect Switches, Cisco Nexus Switches, NetApp AFF storage, and Oracle RAC Database.

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Sriram Sagi

Sriram Sagi is a principal product manager for FlexPod. He joined NetApp in 2022 with 15+ years of experience in enterprise products. Before NetApp, Sriram led product and technology teams and shipped multiple products. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and an MBA from Duke University.

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