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Voice of a FlexPod Customer: Saving Time and Money with Validated Designs

Adam Fore

xFlexPod data center solutions save significant time and money One of the most consequential IT projects you can undertake today is to digitally transform your approach to data center management. But a digital transformation can be tricky to pull off. Not only do you need to know where your current approach falls short, you also have to understand what it takes to adopt a better one.

So how do you do it? By starting out with a bit of unbiased feedback from your peers. That’s why we launched this new blog series highlighting reviews by verified customers of ours on IT Central Station.

Join us as we look at how one customer saved significant time and money by using validated designs for the FlexPod® data center solution from NetApp and Cisco.  

About the Reviewer

  This review was written by a network engineer at Long View Systems, one of the biggest IT services and solutions companies in North America. Their top FlexPod use case is delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to businesses operating in private and hybrid cloud environments.  

What They Gained with FlexPod

The reviewer was looking to build a completely certified data center. And by leveraging validated designs—blueprints for common use cases tested by NetApp and Cisco—he easily achieved his goal. In the process, he was able to save the company engineering time, ultimately streamlining IT administration and cutting costs.'s better to go with something that has been vetted, tested, and designed by people with knowledge, as opposed to trying to go on your own. This is why we chose a certified, validated design.
  According to the reviewer, the scalability and stability that FlexPod brought to Long View Systems have also been incredibly valuable.

The scalability is one of the key features in this solution.
  In addition, the reviewer has been able to reduce deployment time.  

What the Initial Setup Looked Like

  While the reviewer wasn’t part of the initial setup process, he was involved with later expansion efforts, which he found to be easy.

Parting Thoughts

With FlexPod, Long View Systems now benefits from:

  • Time- and cost-saving validated designs
  • Easy scalability
  • Excellent stability

Reflecting on all the company has gained since switching to FlexPod, the reviewer scored it a 9 out of 10.

For the full review, head to ITCentral.

Want to read more feedback from FlexPod customers? Check out the blog.

Adam Fore

Adam Fore is Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing at NetApp. A 20-year veteran of Product Management and Product Marketing in the high tech industry, Adam has spent the last years at NetApp and currently manages solutions that span the NetApp portfolio including the FlexPod data center platform.

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