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Enhance and Accelerate VDI with NetApp HCI and NVIDIA

Chris "C-Rod" Rodriguez

With the increasing demand for graphical content, delivering high-performance end-user service can be a challenge. NetApp® HCI powered by NVIDIA T4 GPUs and Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software accelerates your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workloads. Your business can improve the end-user experience and cost-effectively scale VDI.

This week at VMworld, we’re launching the new NetApp HCI H615C compute node with NVIDIA T4 GPU cards. Along with this release, we have created a technical report to help you get started: NetApp HCI for VDI with VMware Horizon 7. With this solution, you can handle virtualized 3D graphics workloads on various products from Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Siemens, and others. With NetApp HCI, you can overcome the challenges of virtualized 3D graphics workloads and quickly explore deep learning with NetApp Kubernetes Service and NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). And by using your data fabric delivered by NetApp technology, you can gain even more value from NetApp HCI.

Deliver Realistic Images with NVIDIA T4

The NVIDIA T4 GPU accelerates your diverse cloud workloads, including high-performance computing, deep learning training and inference, machine learning, data analytics, and graphics.

The NVIDIA T4 has 40 RT Cores that give you the computation that you need to deliver real-time ray tracing. The NVIDIA T4, when combined with Quadro vDWS software, enables artists to create photorealistic imagery that shows light bouncing off surfaces just as it would in real life. This RTX-capable GPU produces real-time ray tracing of up to 5 giga rays per second. With RTX, artists who work with Quadro Virtual Workstation can create photorealistic designs with accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions. And they can do it on any device, from anywhere.

Tensor Cores enable you to run deep learning inference workloads. Combined with accelerated containerized software stacks from NGC, T4 gives you exceptional performance at scale. T4 also introduces the innovative Turing Tensor Core technology with multi-precision computing to handle your diverse workloads. By powering breakthrough performance from FP32 to FP16 to INT8, as well as INT4, precisions, T4 delivers up to 40 times higher performance than CPUs. When you use T4-powered by Quadro vDWS software to run deep learning inference workloads, you can get up to 25 times faster performance than with a virtual machine that’s driven by a CPU-only server. For your graphics and compute-intensive workloads, a NetApp HCI H615C node with three NVIDIA T4’s in one rack unit is an optimal solution.

Check out the following information about NVIDIA GPU cards to compare features.

Improve Performance and Lower Your TCO

With NetApp HCI, you remove the expensive graphics workstation from the desk. Early internal testing indicates that this solution offers some impressive performance advancements:

  • More than 2 times higher performance than the prior generation for certain CAD applications
  • More than 6 times higher performance than the prior generation for certain medical imaging applications
  • Comparable performance to NVIDIA Pascal, using only a third of the power and in only half the size

Whether you’re in the oil and gas, manufacturing, media, or ISP industry, your organization can achieve economic and performance benefits from NetApp HCI with NVIDIA T4 cards. You can easily meet your mobility, security, and performance needs while you lower your TCO.

Start accelerating your VDI today. Review the H615C specifications or learn more in-depth information from the newly released technical report.

Chris "C-Rod" Rodriguez

Chris (C-Rod) Rodriguez is a EUC/VDI infrastructure specialist at NetApp and is in NetApp engineering. C-Rod has worked with all primary product lines at NetApp in a VDI capacity. In EUC/VDI engineering at NetApp, C-Rod has conducted many VDI reference architectures, VDI sales enablement documentation, VDI customer presentations, and VDI post sales installations. C-Rod has 30 years of VDI experience and he has been working with VMware Horizon View since the beginning and he has worked with Citrix since 1990. In addition, he has worked with many other small third-party VDI companies. Currently, C-Rod has been working with EUC Hybrid Cloud and EUC Public Cloud Solutions and many of the Public Cloud VDI Control Plane management companies.

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