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Discover What ‘Idea to App Without Headaches’ Means in Just 5 Minutes at Microsoft Build

Adam Carroll

Join NetApp with Microsoft at the Washington State Convention Center May 6-8. Visit us at Booth #400 and discover how NetApp’s Data Fabric is eliminating your pain. We call it “idea to app without headaches”. We’re so confident, we’re even letting you drive. Take the Azure NetApp Files challenge to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a Data Fabric hero, with our most exciting product yet - Azure NetApp Files. But that is just the beginning. There is so much more…

Idea to App Without the Headaches

If you’ve got a cloud-first mandate, a few hundred NFS or SMB file-share workloads that need to be migrated (or developed) in Azure, and a long line of business owners who expect applications delivered at lightning speed, then becoming a hero might be as easy as finding a simple, efficient and affordable way to move your biggest and hungriest workloads into the cloud. Fast.

Less than 5 minutes fast. Just enough time to be labeled a “hero”.

A hero without headaches.

Don’t believe me? Drop by our booth #400 at Microsoft Build and do it for yourself.

NetApp Data Fabric at Microsoft Build

This is probably the best year for NetApp to be at Microsoft Build. We’ve excited by our “hero hit list” which is a sweet set of tools for every developer, programmer, or cloud architect who is looking to go from idea to app without headaches. Here’s what we have waiting for you:

  • Take the Challenge - set up an enterprise-ready development environment for NFS/SMB file shares in less than 5 minutes with Azure NetApp Files – not kidding. A set of Bose Wireless headphones will go to the hero with the fastest time.
  • Kubernetes Now - discover how to deploy Kubernetes clusters in only 3 clicks – yes, I said 3.
  • Save Time - reduce your application compute time by as much as 6x with Azure NetApp Files and learn how to scale up or down without any special skills or knowledge – paradise!
  • Save $$$ - reduce your operating costs by as much as 33%. Monitor your stack with Cloud Insights – it’s a dream.
  • Daily Draw – for an HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System – Azure NetApp Files gives you time back to have more fun!

Everything we are rolling out is underpinned by our amazing technology and our “keep it simple” Data Fabric strategy. Data Fabric means you can spend less time on bull…and more time doing exactly what you love doing.

The Action is at Booth #400

We’ve got a lot going on at a booth that is always busy. Here are a few things you can count on:

  • Happy Hour Tuesday, May 7 from 4:00-6:00 – Join us for a beer and connect with NetApp and your peers
  • Espresso Moments – Mornings made easier with the NetApp espresso machine – Monday from 10:00-2:00; Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:30-12:30 - need I elaborate?
  • Take the Challenge – Get your hands on our technology and race the clock to become an Azure NetApp Files hero – don’t miss it.
  • Book a VIP Meeting – They fill up fast and are pretty popular; dive deep with an architect or engineer, or have a frank conversation with one of our executives – it’s your meeting, your call.

Deep Dive Sessions

Skip the PowerPoints and join Matt Baldwin, Director of Engineering, NetApp, on Monday, May 6 from 3:30-4:30 as he conducts a breakout session: a live demonstration on how to build, ship, run, scale, and manage your Cloud Native workload on Kubernetes with Istio and Tekton Pipeline.

Later on Monday, from 6:00-6:20 in the Theatre Hub, Ariel Jatib will conduct an interactive session – 3 Clicks to a Kubernetes Cluster.

Microsoft Build is a great event and we are pretty pumped about seeing you this year. Our Data Fabric is fueling NetApp’s “idea to app” set of tools and services that will make you a hero every day.

But if for any reason you can’t be there, don’t let that stop you from signing up for Azure NetApp Files. It’s my favorite new product, and from my view, it’s about as good as cloud gets!

Adam Carroll

Adam is the Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Cloud Solutions at NetApp where he is a passionate supporter of everything NetApp Cloud and how NetApp’s awesome and award-winning technology fits with Microsoft and makes life better for developers, architects and storage specialists. When Adam isn’t blogging (or promoting) NetApp and Microsoft, he is probably mountain biking or hanging out with his amazing family.

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