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Creating a Positive Developer Experience on NetApp’s DevOps Platform

Mary Jo LeBlanc

postive-developer-experience-1024x576 In a famous scene in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, “the Great and Powerful Oz” goes, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” At NetApp, we have our own wizard, and he is one person to whom our developers do pay attention, especially those developers who work on custom applications to support NetApp’s global business processes.

As our Great and Powerful Oz, Raj “Mohan” Govinda delivered a positive developer experience when using the greenfield DevOps platform that the NetApp IT team built, called CloudOne. Over the past 2 years, Mohan has led efforts to ensure that developers can rapidly onboard and deliver integrated software development pipelines. The singular focus was to enable application developers to concentrate on writing code and rapidly releasing application changes, and to not be concerned about other IT services like servers, storage, networks, and platforms.

Recently, Mohan was interviewed by The New Stack, an organization that produces content related to cloud-native computing. In the podcast, Mohan described how the CloudOne effort went beyond proof of concept and resulted in a DevOps platform that today supports the newly revamped NetApp® Support site. During the process, Mohan and his team used various developer tools to build automated workflows that could plug and play across different technology stacks and different cloud providers. 

From the start, Mohan knew that it was imperative to make the CloudOne platform easy and natural for our developers to use, otherwise the effort would have been for naught. His strong passion to build a framework that was customized to the NetApp development culture paid off. When our developers began to use the platform, they became invested in its success and openly offered feedback, and it became easy to drive improvements as a collective community. As Mohan said in the podcast, “Stay flexible and keep your options open.” 

To learn more about the “inherent power of a well-orchestrated continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) platform with public and private cloud connectivity,” read Mohan’s blog post on The New Stack. In it, Mohan describes the automated processes and technologies that he and his team used to achieve a positive and rewarding developer experience.

Mary Jo LeBlanc

As a proven IT storyteller and content creator, Mary Jo has spent the past 15 years distilling nuanced technical concepts into compelling, authentic narratives to drive business results. As a member of the NetApp on NetApp program, Mary Jo is the curator of IT stories covering data management, cloud, infrastructure, DevOps, XaaS and much more. When not honing our IT stories, Mary Jo spends her time riding bikes, hiking, kayaking, and hanging out with family and friends.

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