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Data challenges in multidomain operations

: Unlocking seamless connectivity

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Indira Rice Donegan
Indira Donegan

Today's coalition environment demands secure sharing and seamless access to data across various deployment models for effective multidomain operations. Nonstandardized environments create obstacles for data mobility, management, and security. Fortunately, there are technologies available today that, when paired with the right tactics, techniques, and procedures, can help organizations overcome these challenges and achieve seamless data connectivity at scale.

Seamless data connectivity in nonstandardized environments

Connecting different deployment modalities, tactical systems, on-premises deployments, regional data centers, and cloud environments is crucial for enabling seamless data connectivity. This connectivity facilitates collaboration and real-time decision making in multidomain operations. However, nonstandardized environments make it challenging to achieve seamless connectivity. Organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to data management that addresses the challenges of data integration, security, and mobility.

Establishing a unified data fabric is key to supporting multidomain operations. A data fabric is a framework that enables seamlessly connecting and integrating data across diverse deployment models. It enables secure data sharing, efficient data movement, and unified data management, regardless of deployment location or type. By creating a unified data fabric, organizations can overcome data silos, reduce complexity, and achieve seamless data connectivity.

Empowering multidomain operations

By implementing the right approaches, organizations can empower multidomain operations and overcome data challenges. Seamless connectivity and collaboration become achievable, enabling optimal situational awareness and timely decision making for efficient and effective multidomain operations. The right solutions, such as intelligent storage, can move, manage, and secure coalition data seamlessly.

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You’re invited to join NetApp virtually on August 9, 2023, as we explore strategies, tactics, and technologies to address the unique data challenges in multidomain operations. Learn how creating a unified data fabric enhances seamless data connectivity and enables organizations to thrive in a complex coalition environment. By employing the right solutions to make intelligent storage the foundation of the data fabric, we can move, manage, and secure coalition data in a way that unlocks the power of seamless multidomain operations. Join us!

Indira Donegan

Indira Rice Donegan is the senior strategist and executive business development for NetApp U.S. Postal Service, Department of Defense, and IC. With over 20 years of military service as a U.S. Army signal officer, she focused on defense IT and cyberinitiatives, and communications technologies. Indira is a trustee for the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College Foundation and an executive mentor and senior ambassador for the 501(C)3 organization Warrior’s Ethos, which supports transitioning military service members from active duty to industry.

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