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Ensure ongoing success in the cloud with FlexPS

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Arnaud Bretillon
Arnaud Bretillon

Getting to the cloud and successfully staying there takes more that great technology—it requires the right expertise. Many organizations engage the help of professional services experts to provide that know how. From developing a cloud strategy to migrating data and workloads to the cloud, and everything in between, professional services are a valuable addition to any organization’s cloud toolbox. However, most companies take a traditional ad hoc approach to services engagements, focusing on “one-and-done” projects. But what if your journey to the cloud spans 3 or 4 years?

Few organizations can dedicate unlimited time and resources to a cloud transition, nor do they have a crystal ball to accurately predict all their future business and technology needs. And when it comes to cloud transitions, the unexpected is inevitable. Unforeseen costs. Inconsistent performance. Increased user complexity. Security concerns. Disruptive migration processes. Any one of these issues can impact your business operations and turn the cloud from a sweet spot to a sour note in your IT transformation. According to CIO Dive, 90% of CIOs have experienced a failed or stalled migration from on premises to the cloud. When they do make it to the cloud, thriving there is not a given. According to TechTarget, 41% of IT decision makers have moved workloads out of the cloud and back into the data center.

Why a subscription model for professional services?

Without an ongoing services engagement model, companies can’t be sure that their cloud journey will stay on track and achieve the value they need from their solutions, without exposing them to performance and security risks, business delays, and unexpected costs. A professional services subscription model can help companies avoid stagnation and focus services needs on developing and optimizing the value of their cloud technology over time. This model can be a game changer.

Your cloud journey is about to get easier

NetApp has reimagined its professional services model to make sure that you have the right expertise whenever and wherever you need it. Our new NetApp® Flex Professional Services (FlexPS) subscription model is designed to alleviate uncertainty and enable greater agility by steadily empowering you with the services you need to be successful. And without the risk of unpredicted costs or time-consuming purchase negotiations.

FlexPS is structured as a catalog of services delivered by our professional services cloud experts. Offered in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise service tiers, FlexPS enables you to bundle together key services delivery elements that cover multiple actions or motions throughout regular engagements and payments. These packages give you the flexibility, speed, and simplicity to:

  • Align the right services to where you are on your cloud journey. Choose the level of service you want from a menu of services to cover your needs.
  • Quickly get the services you need, whenever you need them. To account for the unexpected, a yearly subscription includes a fixed fee for overages, so you can acquire additional services as needed—all you have to do is ask. You’ll even have access to our new Cloud Expert on Demand service to get immediate, short-term help.
  • Easily subscribe, engage, and unlock the best of cloud. An easy-to-use portal lets you get started immediately.

Learn more about FlexPS and about some of the new services it offers—like Cloud Expert on Demand and Cloud Stewardship—at NetApp INSIGHT® 2021. Register today (it’s free), and sign up for the BRK-1318-1 New Support and Professional Services for the cloud session.

Arnaud Bretillon

Arnaud Bretillon is Director of Portfolio and Engineering, a seasoned 17-year veteran with NetApp, having led engineering, delivery, and services across multiple geographies during his tenure. He directs the cloud services portfolio strategy globally. He lives in Genolier, Switzerland.

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