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Certification matters. Learn. Outperform. Grow. Repeat.

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Roslyn Jones

NetApp puts industry-leading cloud solutions in the hands of our customers and partners, and our learning programs help them make the most of those solutions. At NetApp Learning Services we champion ongoing, continuous, lifelong learning, but we aren’t focused on education enablement alone. We do want you to learn, but we want you to get certified as well.

Why is certification so important? Because when it comes right down to it, certification is key to credibility—not only for individuals, but also for organizations.

Think about it. When you want something done well, you hire a professional. When you want to be taken care of by the best, you find an expert. And what distinguishes an expert from a novice? Proof. That’s what NetApp® certifications offer—proof of expertise. Learning gives you the expertise, and certification proves it.

A lifelong journey of learning

Steve Bos is no stranger to the NetApp certification program. An InterVision team member since 1995, he clearly remembers the sense of pride he felt tearing open a FedEx envelope to reveal a paper certificate bearing then NetApp President Tom Mendoza’s signature and the number #00000001—the very first of its kind issued by NetApp. In the years that followed, as the InterVision focus transformed from training and consulting services to data center products to converged infrastructure to cloud and managed services, Bos moved from a systems engineering position into a lead architecture role. And he continued to pursue NetApp certifications year after year.

Bos witnessed many changes in the delivery methods and content covered during that time, but he's never stopped enjoying the challenge of attaining new NetApp certifications, along with the ongoing sense of accomplishment they’ve brought him. “NetApp certifications help grow InterVision’s business, but more than that, learning excites me. The pursuit of something: the exam result, the passing, the certification. That’s what I look forward to,” Bos says. “Fortunately, InterVision also embraces the importance of certifications that confirm and showcase engineers’ expertise to our customers.”

The technical knowledge gained through certification has always been of great benefit to Bos in his role, boosting his confidence and helping him gain recognition from the industry and his peers while maintaining his relevance in the business. When it comes to helping customers with their journey to the cloud, he cites the certification process as being incredibly useful. He tells this story: “Several years ago, my manager, the VP of presales engineering at InterVision, had our entire team get AWS certified, along with taking the NetApp Cloud Architect Associate exam. Bringing those two certifications together was incredibly powerful. It gave InterVision’s sales team a deep understanding of the full suite of products we can bring to customers with the NetApp and AWS partnership, so we can better meet their needs. Not only that, but the certification itself really stands out. Industry people take notice and are incredibly impressed by it.”

Bos asserts that, in general, customers have gotten smarter over the years. The continuous learning provided by NetApp certifications has kept him up to date and able to maintain the level of knowledge necessary to skillfully navigate conversations with his clients. Because things change so quickly, and the NetApp product portfolio is now so broad, Bos explains that it's nearly impossible to keep up with everything, so the certification process helps him maintain continuous learning. “In conversation, it's apparent whether someone knows what they're talking about or not. I believe the NetApp certification process helps InterVision showcase credibility as a NetApp partner in our conversations with customers.”

Standing out from the crowd

Wherever you are in your career, if you want to be recognized as a top-tier professional, your knowledge needs to be current and relevant, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Certification gets you recognized for the value you bring to your team and the business. It’s the proof you offer to employers so they can confidently put their trust in you.

Each certification builds your credibility, helping you to achieve the next level of your career. As your knowledge grows, so does your confidence. A NetApp certification is the currency you need to move toward what’s next, whether that’s in your current role or one you aspire to. When you’re ready to make a move, certification will fuel your journey.

The rate of career change in the IT field today is outpaced only by the rate of change in the technology itself. With everyone working remotely, the industry places more importance than ever on certification. The Skillsoft Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Report surveyed more than 9,000 IT professionals Of IT decision makers who responded, 64% reported that certified employees deliver $10,000 or more in additional value compared to noncertified employees.

Employers want proof of your ability to perform, and hiring managers identify certifications as one of the surest ways to differentiate candidates. Proof of your hands-on experience and in-depth training helps you stand out from the crowd.

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Wherever you are in your career—whether you’re just starting out or you’re at the helm of a team—NetApp’s learning programs will help you learn, grow, and outperform. They’ll help build your confidence and credibility in the marketplace. NetApp learning will prepare you and your organization for tomorrow, today. And with NetApp certifications, you’ll be able to prove it.

Learn more about certification programs available to NetApp partners and customers.

Roslyn Jones

Vice President NetApp Learning Services

Roslyn has 25+ years of experience in the IT high tech hardware & software global education & certification arena for customers, partners, and employees. Her background includes working for salesforce, VERTIAS/Symantec, Informatica, Brocade, HPE, and Conga. She is extremely passionate about education and serves on the executive board of TSIA (Technology Services Information Association) and CEdMA (Computer Education Management Association).

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