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Welcome to the Family: NetApp Embraces Smaller Organizations with AFF C190 All Flash

Kristian Kerr

AFF C190[/caption]

With the launch of our new AFF C190 offering, NetApp is charting a new course in the way we do business in the All Flash Storage market. This product launch is exceptional, not just for the technology it delivers, but for the way it will help the NetApp family grow.

According to research from IDC, the total All Flash Array market generated just over $2.73 billion in revenue during the last quarter of 2018, up 37.6% year-over-year. The Hybrid Flash Array market was worth slightly more than $3.06 billion in revenue, up 13.4% from the end of 2017. That’s good news for NetApp and our partner network.

Offered exclusively through our partner channel, C190 is a simple, smart and secure enterprise-class flash system. As an entry-level offering, it gives smaller organizations a NetApp solution that addresses their specific needs, providing them with affordable access to the functionality that NetApp is known for, sooner.

NetApp is Listening to What Customers Need

Since I joined the NetApp family in late 2018, I’ve participated in the conversations with our partners, and we’ve heard loud and clear that smaller organizations are ready to further leverage data to drive business outcomes. Until now, NetApp’s portfolio was primarily designed with enterprise-level customers in mind — data-heavy organizations with specific needs for storage, accessibility, performance, and security. However, data is no longer the exclusive domain of big players. Today, organizations of all sizes are increasingly data driven. To be competitive, they need solutions that meet the needs — and budgets — of today, while leaving them plenty of room to grow.

C190 supports IT generalists that need a low-cost flash solution. Our partners, which have unparalleled expertise in their own markets, are best positioned to show how C190 can help lean IT shops future-proof their business by modernizing and simplifying their infrastructure. It makes an ideal entry point for small enterprises, branch offices and remote locations that need to start small, with built-in capability to scale. Using C190, smaller organizations have an affordable product that suits enterprise applications, virtual machines, file systems and mixed workloads. When they are ready, the NetApp Data Fabric will grow with them, all while leveraging the relationships those customers have cultivated with the NetApp partner channel.

C190 Makes the Data Fabric More Accessible to More People

NetApp’s cloud-connected flash solutions are a vital element of our Data Fabric strategy, which allows our partners and our customers to move their data seamlessly between applications. C190 helps customers meet their storage requirements with operational efficiency, data security and effortless cloud integration, wherever they happen to be in their cloud journey.

C190 makes the Data Fabric available to more customers, with a simplified product with just four express packs. The system architecture allows to run both file and block workloads effectively and efficiently, supporting multiple protocols to help customers consolidate multiple applications onto a single system.

As more small organizations harness the power of AI, machine learning, and deep learning, their workloads will increase and their cloud strategy will evolve. However, that doesn’t happen overnight. Our Data Fabric strategy provides the simplicity, operational efficiency and protection needed to help our partners innovate, optimize performance and harness the power of data. It’s the perfect time for NetApp to bring that functionality to a wider audience.

We’re thrilled to bring a product to market that will bring smaller organizations into the NetApp family. We’re excited to support their journey early on and watch them grow. I’m confident they’ll be as happy to be part of the NetApp family as I am.

Kristian Kerr

Kristian Kerr is the Vice President of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa) Partners at NetApp. Kristian brings 20 years of experience, driving revenue growth with creative new business models and building strong relationships with external business partners. He previously held various leadership roles at Brocade Communication, Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Cisco Systems Ltd., as well as Juniper Networks, where he was responsible for successfully re-engineering the EMEA partner sales strategy to drive double-digit growth. He lives in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

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