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Break the silos and discover the full potential of your data

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Philippe Wackers

Healthcare organizations are on the front line with COVID-19. You face unprecedented demand for availability, flexibility, and scalability. At the same time, you need to maintain the quality of care you provide and keep your clinical services affordable.

Your departments have needed to be transformed due to COVID-19, and you have needed to support remote working. To quickly facilitate collaboration between services, departments, and external organizations, you had to reallocate resources. Overnight, digital transformation had to happen.

Some organizations have been able to handle transformation in a structured and methodical way. Some have taken a fire-fighting approach but still managed to function well. Other organizations have failed to deliver what was needed.

Healthcare has been under budgetary pressure for years. Innovation and long-term vision have been key to survivein a fast-evolving and increasingly technologically driven market.

Almost all data is stored digitally today, but this doesn’t mean it is accessible easily and quickly to everyone needing access. There is often a lack in standardization, interoperability, and connectivity at all levels. Applications cannot exchange data, systems are not connected, data is in proprietary formats, and data is locked in silos.

Lack of technology isn’t the problem. There are more technological solutions available to you than ever. Technologies like cloud, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, and mobile technology can help improve health outcomes. But you also want to lower costs, to improve diagnostic time and quality, and to revolutionize the healthcare experience you provide for both patients and doctors.

With the pressure of COVID-19, the need for innovation has not stopped. It has sped up. Dealing with the demands of data access, interoperability, quick diagnoses, remote access, remote diagnoses, and remote monitoring (and more) requires innovation. The key to your success is a well thought-through data management and data protection strategy, along the lines with data security and privacy.

Interconnectivity and interoperability are becoming essential, if you want to access the data needed to speed up diagnoses and make real-time decisions. Therefore, you need a comprehensive plan. The requirements of storage are changing. Data needs to be available, interchangeable, protected, secured, and managed wherever it is stored. Data needs to be captured from every possible location—at the edge, at the core, in the cloud, on premises, or on mobile devices. Images cannot be locked in silos, because silos prevent real-time AI access. Data scientists should not be spending most of their time creating datasets manually and enhancing data quality. Data is knowledge, and it needs to be available quickly to everyone who needs it.

A comprehensive approach to data: the data fabric

NetApp has been innovative for years with its comprehensive data fabric approach to data. A data fabric approach encompasses everything you need to store, manage, protect, and secure your data through its lifecycle, wherever your data is. You can use a hybrid data strategy that connects data on premises and in the cloud, or you can use the cloud only. As you undergo the transformation demanded by COVID-19, you can count on NetApp® solutions to give your organizations and services the flexibility and quality assurance you need in your data management strategy.

Knowledge (data) silos for departments, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, digital health devices, diagnostic centers, and medical record vendors create a disconnected healthcare experience and keep new healthcare solutions from evolving. To change from a silo approach, it takes a team effort—an effort between public services, healthcare organizations, IT departments, and clinicians.

Modern technologies combined with modern data services and AI should be a self-running engine for growth and knowledge in healthcare.

Over 1000 healthcare customers are trusting Netapp technology. Having a comprehensive track record of innovation, availability, reliability, efficiency and security. At NetApp we can guide you on this journey, start a conversation today.

Philippe Wackers

Philippe Wackers is Netapp’s Healthcare Innovation Manager EMEA (which includes Europe with Russia and Turkey, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa).

He is focused on helping customers, partners and ISV’s in the fast-moving healthcare market. Data management is becoming curtail in healthcare and NetApp is perfectly placed to bring innovative solutions with our focused alliance partners. Together with our partners we help customers delivering better business outcomes, greater return from their IT investments, accelerate their business performance and minimize their risk for innovative solutions like IoT, AI, CI, Genomics, and digital imaging.

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