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NetApp IT Perspective: Automated Provisioning Savings Achieved With DevOps Platform

Mohan Raj

home-devops-one-f50e6995fbe8883bcd0c7b005ad9b177ead7e42011c017e75129a18283301b95-1I have worked in IT for over 25 years and am intrigued by how the world is being changed by software. It feels like every company today is defined by their ability to rapidly meet customer’s needs via software. This software driven world demands rapid application development. Regardless if it is an IoT solution, a mobile banking app or a customer support app, with DevOps software developers and operations staff are now being asked to work collaboratively on projects from start to finish. Traditional silos and governance methods are being displaced by efforts to use micro-services architectures running in containers using cloud for rapid software creation and change. This is certainly true inside NetApp.

Over the past two years I have been part of an exciting NetApp IT initiative to build our DevOps platform that provides the cloud services, automation, and CI/CD release models that our application development teams need to build cloud native applications. We call the platform CloudOne, as it provides one consistent developer experience, irrespective of the destination being private or public cloud.  My team automated the processes to onboard applications onto our CloudOne platform as well as the continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) process to rapidly move application changes to production.

As a result of our automation efforts, we have significantly reduced the time to provision environments in CloudOne compared to the traditional approach.

Initially we only looked at automation as a way to improve efficiency and provision hostspaces in less than 30 minutes. Yet, automation has also eliminated human error and reduced the number of staff and man-hours needed to deliver environments. The time saved is now spent on delivering new capabilities within our CloudOne platform and on other value-added activities.  Automating the delivery of was critical to remaining relevant and competitive in today’s IT climate of rapid software delivery.

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Mohan Raj

Mohan Raj is the IT Senior Manager of the CloudOne Developer Experience at NetApp. Mohan and his team plan, engineer and deploy platforms and virtualized environment solutions. They provide the expertise for migrating legacy systems to cloud, along with the right options for tools and platforms. Mohan has over 25 years of IT experience.

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