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Ask Umi the IT Dog: How Do I Move to the Cloud?

Umi The IT Dog

Umi-IT-dog-1024x576 I’m an IT manager leading a team of 10 experienced IT specialists. My IT Director just told me we need to move to the cloud. He’s looking for my team to lead the way.

All of our data resides in our data center on Dell and NetApp storage. Collectively we don’t have much experience with the cloud.

How can we get started with some quick wins to put us on the right path?

- Cloudy in Canada

Dear Cloudy in Canada: If I had a milk-bone for every time I heard this one… I think I can help.

There’s not much you can do in the cloud without your data being there. NetApp has been helping people with their cloud journey since 2013. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a software-defined storage that runs on AWS, Azure and Google. It spins up in minutes and applies all the same efficiencies, features and protection which you probably already love. Migrating your data is as easy as a drag and a drop. There’s your quick win to show your boss.

As for getting on the right path, you’re already on it. Because NetApp ONTAP platform is available on-prem and in all the major clouds, you have the power of data portability.. This will avoid any future cloud lock-in and prepares you for the day your boss asks your team to move to different cloud or even back into your data centre.

Dell storage doesn’t have comparable options, so I can’t help you on that one. NetApp has some slick migration tools which can move your Dell data onto a more cloud-friendly platform from NetApp.  Learn more.

Best of luck emBARKing on your cloud journey.

-Umi the IT dog

Umi The IT Dog

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