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Ask Umi the IT Dog: Fired-up over ransomware

Umi The IT Dog

Ask Umi the IT dog Dear Umi:  I have a friend who was fired from his job as an IT administrator. His Dell storage was hit by ransomware, which caused a prolonged outage and data loss at his previous employer. He’s now finally found a new job and wants to protect his new employer’s data and his new job.

How can my friend prepare for the next time ransomware hits?

– Ransomed in Raleigh

Dear Ransomed in Raleigh: Your “friend” is wise to be prepared. Ransomware is on the rise.  It is a question of when, not if, he will find himself in the same situation.

NetApp pioneered the solution to this problem long before ransomware first appeared. Snapshots are a point-in-time copy of your data which can’t be altered by users. You can store hundreds of these Snapshots dating back as far as you like or as frequently as you like. Within minutes you can roll back your storage to the time before the ransomware hit using SnapRestore. SnapLock let’s you further protect Snapshots by preventing other administrators from modifying or deleting them.

Some Dell platforms offer Snapshot-like capability, but they can come with significant performance trade-offs. Dell also doesn’t offer all of the advanced snap functions available from NetApp.

As an IT expert and a dog, I know a thing or two about protecting your most important assets. If your “friend” doesn’t want it to take days to recover from ransomware, he might want to take a few minutes and talk to NetApp about how he can protect his new employer’s data and his new job.

– Umi The IT Dog

Umi The IT Dog

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