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Announcing SnapCenter 4.7 with enhancements to cloud backup, improved security

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Manohar Kulkarni

NetApp® SnapCenter® is a unified, scalable platform for application-consistent data protection that makes it easy for administrators to protect and manage enterprise workloads hosted on NetApp storage, on premises or in a public cloud. SnapCenter is an enterprise product, and in each release, we’ve added several features to help customers tackle critical enterprise data protection challenges.

NetApp understands our customers’ quest to modernize their infrastructure and make it secure by replatforming the system from legacy product to cloud platform to reap the benefits of cloud. This release of SnapCenter 4.7 introduces a number of enhancements to meet the changes required by today's enterprise workloads.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) support in SnapCenter

The dramatic increase in phishing attempts and ransomware attacks makes securing business data a top priority. Enabling MFA helps prevent such attacks by adding an extra layer of authentication. SnapCenter 4.6 introduced support for LDAPS, and previous releases supported certificate-based authentication. The implementation of MFA for SnapCenter and managing its configuration is easy. Stay tuned for a video demo on setting up and using MFA, coming soon on the SnapCenter playlist on YouTube.

Support for Oracle workloads on end-to-end NVMe layout

It’s been a few years since end-to-end NVMe was introduced in NetApp ONTAP® data management software, and customers have enthusiastically adopted it due to its performance benefit, plus it simplifies storage configuration by allowing users to use fewer storage objects (one NVMe namespace can replace multiple LUN devices). ONTAP 9.11 supports conversion of Fibre Channel and iSCSI LUNs to an NVMe-based protocol to help you efficiently migrate workloads to NVMe. SnapCenter 4.7 introduces support to back up and restore Snapshot copies of Oracle database running on NVMe.

Here are the other updates in this release

SnapCenter for Oracle Plug-in enhancements:

  • Oracle 21c compatibility
  • Simplify granular recovery and pluggable database clone workflows with archive log management integration
  • Oracle REST API automation enhancements like clone lifecycle management

SnapCenter for VMware Plug-in enhancements:

  • VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) restore enhancement to support granular file restore of guest files of Windows virtual machines (VMs)
  • Support for attaching and detaching of virtual disk over vVol
  • Support for excluding datastores from spanned disks

Backing up to the object-based storage solution

Backing up databases to cloud object storage became possible using SnapCenter 4.6 along with NetApp Cloud Backup Service. Customers who want to back up data on their premises can also leverage NetApp Cloud Backup Service to back up NetApp Snapshot copies to the StorageGRID object-based storage solution.
Watch the video Microsoft SQL Server backup to AWS S3 or Azure blob to learn how to configure and protect data to cloud object storage.

Learn More

SnapCenter 4.7 simplifies managing databases across hybrid cloud to protect, refresh, clone for testing, and secure the complete process. SnapCenter efficiently manages tasks by using the GUI, REST APIs, and other API cmdlets.

To learn more, visit the SnapCenter documentation.

Manohar Kulkarni

Manohar Kulkarni is a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) focusing on data protection of Microsoft applications on ONTAP storage systems at NetApp. Being in product management, he helps in product designing, strategizing, developing new ideas, and on a need basis providing consulting and sales assistance. He likes troubleshooting problems and coding to automate tasks to simplify day-to-day tasks.

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