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AFF A320: NVMe Building Block for the Modern SAN

Saurabh Modh

NetApp has been the fastest-growing SAN vendor among the top five vendors in the market for the last 2 years. This is by no means a small accomplishment, especially considering the size of NetApp’s business and its overall position in the Enterprise Storage market. One of the reasons behind this growth has been NetApp’s relentless focus on offering the best and most compelling All Flash storage for SAN that is smart, powerful and trusted. A modern SAN infrastructure requires consistent high performance for the most demanding applications. This is best delivered by not only the fastest storage arrays but also a modern SAN fabric such as NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC).  That’s why an end-to-end NVMe solution from back-end NVMe SSDs to front-end host connectivity is key to a modern SAN environment. To drive their digital transformation, customers also need the modern SAN to deliver the highest storage efficiency, non-disruptive capacity and performance expansion, comprehensive integrated data protection, security, encryption, compliance and realistic, full-featured cloud integration. NetApp has been at the forefront of helping customers modernize their SAN. It launched industry’s first end-to-end NVMe system AFF A800, which accelerates traditional high-performance workloads like Oracle Databases, EPIC, etc. and makes it possible to achieve the performance, scale and operational efficiency goals of emerging workloads such as artificial Intelligence & machine learning, real-time analytics, MongoDB, etc. NetApp also recently launched MAX Data further advancing modern SAN. MAX Data vastly improves application performance with high throughput and ultra-low latency along with providing the familiar data management capabilities of ONTAP. There are numerous such examples of customer firsts that have led to NetApp becoming a leader in All Flash Arrays.

Today, we are taking it a step further by launching AFF A320 – our complete NVMe solution for the mass market. With latency as low as 100µs delivered by AFF A320, getting the best performance for your business applications like Oracle, MS SQL, VMware, SAP, etc. and driving AI initiatives is no longer out of reach. The mid-range AFF A320 not only delivers the best price performance in the Flash landscape, it provides the richest and most widely adopted data management features such as superior storage efficiency, cloud flexibility, scale-out capabilities, non-disruptive operations and upgrades, built-in data protection and security. Any other enterprise storage vendor claiming that they have a more compelling offering is not telling you the truth. Supporting the NVMe/RoCE connectivity on the back-end to the NVMe drive shelf and NVMe/FC on the front-end to the host, AFF A320 leads the market with the best combination of NVMe-oF technologies that no other enterprise storage vendor can match. To summarize, AFF A320 is the latest example of NetApp’s focus towards a modern SAN, solving customers’ business needs and providing investment protection with future-proof products and services. If you have been waiting for the right solution at the right price to modernize your SAN, the wait is over. Start with AFF A320 for all your applications and workloads without compromising on the reliability, availability and rich data management capabilities that other enterprise storage vendors cannot offer.

Saurabh Modh

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