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Putting the Right Pieces in Place to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Kim Stevenson

Join Over the past few months, nearly every organization has undergone a rapid transformation to take care of employees, customers, and day-to-day business operations.

We’ve seen that you need the flexibility to support employees as they move from offices to their homes and back. You need to keep your data available and secure without sacrificing application performance. And you have to understand how to mitigate risk in advance and establish processes that enable you to act quickly when the unexpected happens.

Navigate disruption with resilience and efficiency

Disruption is unavoidable; how well you handle it is what matters. To handle disruption, it helps to have remote visibility to assess your environment, optimize your applications, and keep data safe. Many monitoring tools give you visibility into one aspect of your infrastructure. NetApp® Cloud Insights helps you see your entire infrastructure — across your data center and public cloud providers — so you can make adjustments to maintain reliability and manage costs.

Create remote workforce flexibility

You now need the flexibility to move workers home and back quickly and cost effectively. For most organizations, this flexibility can mean a mix of cloud and on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). NetApp supports thousands of customers on both and helps bridge the gap between them. The new NetApp Virtual Desktop Service helps you deploy and manage virtual desktops in the public cloud in just a few hours so you can scale up and down quickly. And NetApp HCI lets you run virtual desktops and other user applications side by side on the same system, giving you flexibility in the data center.

Reduce the risk of cybercrime

The massive increase of home-based students and workers has been marked by an exponential increase in cybercrime. NetApp delivers proven end-to-end data security (we’re the #1 provider of data storage and management to the U.S. federal government). The innovative NetApp FPolicy Zero Trust engine is built into our data management software and uses behavioral analytics to identify and stop malicious activity. And our NetApp Solution for Ransomware helps you detect ransomware across public cloud platforms and on-premises environments, prevent it from spreading, and recover quickly after an attack.

Watch our thought leadership webinar!

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar where I discuss resiliency and navigating recovery while transforming your organization. Here's a detailed description of what I will be covering:
  • How to equip an elastic workforce for success and optimize your IT infrastructure
  • How to be prepared for the next disruption by focusing on security and disaster recovery
  • How to take advantage of opportunity by creating agility and transforming the customer experience

Kim Stevenson

Kim Stevenson is Senior Vice President and General Manager of NetApp’s Foundational Data Services Business Unit (FDSBU), our largest business unit and helping to lead the charge into a new technology era. Kim most recently served as a senior executive with Lenovo as Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Data Center Group. With diverse experience spanning finance, services, and marketing, COO and CIO leadership roles at Intel, IBM, EDS, and HPE, and having served on numerous boards of directors for leading tech innovators, Kim brings a truly unique and well-rounded perspective to NetApp. She uses this diverse experience to tackle the business challenges customers care about most and simplify the overall IT experience for a world that is growing only more complex. Kim has won numerous awards including Silicon Valley Business Journal's Best CIO and Evanta Top 10 Breakaway Leader, Huffington Post's Most Social CIO as well as the CIO 100 award by She was named the Woman of Excellence Digital Trailblazer by the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). In 2015, she won the Forbes CIO Innovation Award. Currently serving on the board of Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. and Skyworks Solutions Inc., Kim holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University. In her free time, Kim is an avid tennis player and enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding.

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