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Meet the NetApp Execs and Experts at NetApp INSIGHT 2019

Paul Hilgers

In addition to the great breakout sessions, training, and social activities, NetApp INSIGHT 2019 Las Vegas is the perfect place to meet the brains and the people behind NetApp technology. It’s your opportunity to get more out of your investments by building relationships with experts and execs that you might not have the opportunity to interact with anywhere else.

Nowadays, a “tech refresh” is more than just replacing old systems with new ones. It’s about looking out to the future of data (and what you can do with it) to drive business outcomes. There’s no better way to do that than by talking to the people who design and build these cutting-edge solutions.

It’s as easy as striking up a casual conversation with someone after their session, in the hallway, or at the INSIGHT Central expo floor. But if you want to have an individual, meaningful experience, I highly recommend you book a one-on-one meeting with NetApp’s executives and technical leadership.

My good friend and fellow A-Team member Chris Olsen, Solutions Architect at Los Alamos National Laboratory, arranged a VIP meeting at last year’s NetApp INSIGHT conference to talk about NetApp’s cloud data services. His experience was a very positive one. In his own words:

“We were evaluating our options with regards to VMware Cloud (VMC) and how we might be able to integrate it into our hybrid cloud. The key to that initiative was storage. We were particularly interested in choosing an efficient solution for extending our on-site VMware environment into VMC. At INSIGHT 2018, we met with Chris Gebhardt (PTME with NetApp) and Glen Sizemore (TME with VMware) in a VIP meeting and talked through our options. In the end, we were actually able to flesh out a design utilizing NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP with the VMC platform that would simplify our integration with the public cloud.”

Chris’ experience perfectly encapsulates how these VIP meetings at NetApp INSIGHT can help you in your digital transformation—no matter where you are on that journey.

As a partner, these VIP meetings give me the ability to provide feedback and share ideas directly with NetApp experts and execs. It’s a great way for customers and partners to speak openly with the folks who design and make decisions about the solutions we use every day. There’s no pressure at all, and everybody is very easy going and interested in what you have to say, both good and bad. This is a great example of how NetApp wants to listen to and hear from its customers and partners. They are there to understand what is going on in specific businesses and to help you achieve data-driven goals.

VIP meetings are a fantastic tool to help you get more value out of your NetApp investments, build strong relationships with NetApp and its strategic partners, and get personalized advice for your unique data management challenges. Overall, it’s one of the best ways you can maximize your investment of time and budget at NetApp INSIGHT.

This is a packed event, so agendas fill up quick. If you’re interested in setting up a VIP meeting, now is the time.

Schedule your VIP meeting today.

Paul Hilgers

Paul is a Solutions Architect for Axians, a part of Vinci Energies. He is based in The Netherlands and works with customers to understand their business challenges and craft IT and data management solutions that solve them efficiently and cost-effectively. Before coming to Axians in 2018, Paul honed his skills as an IT professional at Centric IT Solutions and PQR in the Netherlands. And before that, he was a postman! In his off hours, Paul loves spending time with his kids, lounging at the beach, and traveling across Europe.

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