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Health and observability for hybrid cloud infrastructures

Gain actionable data points and determine ideal workloads to migrate from on premises to AWS. Secure your resources, detect ransomware, and optimize cloud budgets to unlock the secrets within your Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP® environments.

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End-to-end infrastructure visibility

Get a unified operational view

Numerous AWS accounts. A mix of AWS and disparate on-prem infrastructure. Multiple cloud providers. All the above. Whatever you’re working with, NetApp BlueXP health and observability services using NetApp Cloud Insights enable you to see and troubleshoot resource interdependencies.

It all starts with an easily navigable topology that gives you end-to-end visibility into individual resources and which applications they support.

Easy-to-use monitoring tools for the AWS Cloud

Detect developing issues in an EC2 instance, EBS volume, or even on Google Cloud or Azure before they impact users. Visualize end-to-end application performance. From uncovering resource contention and greedy and degraded resources to providing advanced analytics for faster identification of root causes, Cloud Insights delivers actionable knowledge. Rely on real-time infrastructure analytics to:

  • Analyze how shared resources impact one another and fine-tune application performance
  • Identify and eliminate unused resources and optimize the use and density of compute and storage
  • Oversee usage and chargeback
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Find problems faster—before users are impacted

As a single tool for monitoring and troubleshooting all things AWS and beyond, Cloud Insights can help you find performance issues up to 5x faster—while better optimizing resource usage.

  • Identify risks and get prescriptive guidance for resolving them with Active IQ integration
  • Stop ransomware and protect your data against insider threats with the help of Cloud Secure machine learning and anomaly detection capabilities
  • Accurately and easily track SLA and SLO metrics
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Getting started with Cloud Insights for AWS

Implement observability on AWS and across your hybrid infrastructure without breaking a sweat. Cloud Insights supports more than 100 collectors out of the box, provides a fully documented REST API, and features easy setup. Oh, did we mention it has views for experts and non-experts alike?

  • Easily track key metrics using an extensive library of supported data collectors
  • Rapidly create and customize dashboards using a comprehensive dashboard gallery
  • Maintain a consistent operational view when migrating applications to and from the cloud
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Monitor Kubernetes applications and infrastructure

Consistent navigation of Kubernetes clusters lets you identify performance issues and resource constraints, whether they’re internal to the cluster or on the infrastructure supporting it.

Integrate cloud analytics with award-winning storage

Detect anomalies faster and achieve deep visibility into storage workloads. Choose Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP for a fully managed native AWS service or gain full control from the self-directed Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage service. Centralize storage and data management across your stack with the NetApp BlueXP control plane.

Choose your subscription level based on specific monitoring needs.

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Try Cloud Insights for free

Clear visibility into your AWS accounts and across your entire hybrid infrastructure is closer than you think. The BlueXP observability service can provide the big-picture infrastructure visibility and dot-connecting resources you need to find problems faster and get the most out of your budget. Ready to kick the tires?

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