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Artificial intelligence solutions: Let your data flow

Training artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms requires data to flow like water through a fire hose. Remove AI infrastructure obstacles and bottlenecks and optimize performance from edge to core to cloud.

Why NetApp for artificial intelligence?

The process of operationalizing AI requires massive amounts of data to flow unhindered through a five-stage pipeline, from ingest through archive. As enterprises of all types embrace AI technologies, they face data challenges (aka bottlenecks) from edge to core to cloud.​

​As the data authority on hybrid cloud, NetApp delivers AI solutions that remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration.

Unleash the capabilities of your data scientists

    • 5x

    • Run 5 times more data through your pipeline

    • <60 seconds

    • Copy datasets in seconds rather than hours or days

    • ~20 minutes

    • Configure your AI infrastructure with Ansible integration

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Outdated storage hurts data-centric models

IDC calls for software-defined, scale-out storage infrastructure with extensive hybrid cloud support 

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Get your data flowing from edge to core to cloud 

With a cloud-first strategy, the NetApp suite of products handles AI and ML data movement from edge to core to cloud.

Drive intelligence at the edge 

The amount of data generated by smart edge devices and a large number of ingestion points can overwhelm compute, storage, and networks at the edge. NetApp AI solutions allow edge-level analytics to process and selectively pass on data during ingest, create different tiers of data service, and speed up data movement.

Power training in the core

The core is the heart of your AI data pipeline, and it demands high I/O performance. From preprocessing data so it’s most valuable to feeding the data to the neural networks for model training, NetApp AI solutions for the core remove performance bottlenecks and accelerate AI workloads.​​​

Accelerate analysis in the cloud

The benefits of the cloud can be leveraged for AI in several ways, including cold storage tiering, backing up, and archiving. The cloud also offers an ideal environment to begin development of AI workflows, run proofs of concept, and form a foundation to expand on.

NetApp AI solutions and open source software

Leverage the complete portfolio of NetApp AI solutions to support everything you need to accelerate your data pipeline. 

The NetApp Portfolio for AI

NetApp AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration. Our unified data management solutions support seamless, cost-effective data movement across your hybrid multicloud environment.

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Natural language processing and computer vision for next-generation AI

Train your computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) workloads faster with a simplified AI data management infrastructure that keeps your data flowing.

Ask our AI solution specialists your question

Sometimes you just want to get your specific questions answered, fast. So we’ve opened a direct access channel to our AI solution specialists. This channel does not route to or through sales--when you’re ready to talk, they’ll be standing by. But right now, we want to help you get on the fast track to solving your challenges.

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Organizations across a wide range of industries are leveraging AI to gain valuable insights from the large amounts of data they generate.

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Fighting chronic diseases with data

Learn how Hannover Medical School uses NetApp and data-driven diagnostics for faster and better detection and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Using AI for world-changing innovation

Cambridge Consultants, the leader in technology-based consulting, partnered with NetApp and NVIDIA to bring deep learning to organizations worldwide.

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Advancing deep learning for business clients with a data fabric

ITOCHU provides data and computing capabilities that help client organizations advance their use of AI and deep learning. At the forefront of this mission is ITOCHU’s AI_LAB, a verification environment that helps improve the reliability of computer-based systems.

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Deploy AI your way

NetApp® AI delivers industry-leading AI technology for your most demanding analytic workloads, with the deployment simplicity and ease of management that you need.

Flexible reference architectures  

Build your AI environment using reference architectures certified and supported by the leaders in AI. 

Integrated infrastructures

Streamline procurement, reduce risk, and simplify management with fully supported, preconfigured AI solutions.

 Fully managed services

Accelerate AI projects and consume AI as a service with leading technology and software tools.

NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone™ provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

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Make your data work smarter, not harder

The right solutions make your data life easier and push your company to the forefront in innovation. Start getting more from your data management with complementary solutions from NetApp.

NetApp AI awards and industry analyst recognition  

Sometimes it’s okay to brag. We’re proud to showcase that NetApp’s AI solutions have won a 2022 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for “North American AI Healthcare Solutions Enabling Technology Leadership”.  Additionally, in 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019, NetApp earned six distinguished AI awards, 2022 “Best Overall Computer Vision Solution” from AI Breakthrough, 2022 “AI Excellence Award for natural language processing (NLP)” from the Business Intelligence Group, 2021 Stratus Award for "Top Products/Services" from the Business Intelligence Group, "Best Machine Learning Platform" and “Best AI Solution for Big Data” from AI Breakthrough and “Corporate Innovation in AI” from The AIconics. To top it off, IDC MarketScape has recognized NetApp in multiple reports specific to NetApp ONTAP AI and NetApp AI Control Plane. These prestigious awards and recognitions validate that NetApp knows how to deliver smart, powerful, and innovative AI solutions.  


Say hello to our featured AI partners

Introducing the NetApp AI Partner Connect network—a trusted AI partner ecosystem that extends and enhances NetApp® technology for all your AI and ML projects.

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