StorageTek Fibre Channel TapeSAN for McDATA

Data ONTAP™ 7.1 Solution Information

StorageTek/McDATA TapeSAN Solutions for:

The StorageTek solutions for fibre channel TapeSAN with McDATA switches are listed below. All components are described in the table below. For information about switch configurations, please visit our McDATA switch page.

Data ONTAP 7.1
Platforms NetApp platforms: F800, FAS900 Series, FAS270, FAS3000 Series
V-Series (formerly gFiler): GF825, GF900, GF270c Series
NearStore: R100, R150, R200
Adapter Cards Qlogic 2342 only
Switch McDATA 3016, 3032, 3216, 3232 (min fw
McDATA 6064, 6140 (min fw
McDATA 4500 (min fw 6.01.001)
McData 4400, 4700 (min fw 8.0)


media changer min fw 1016
tape devices HP LTO3 FC min fw L25S
HP LTO3 SCSI min fw G24S
IBM LTO3 FC min fw 54K1
IBM LTO3 SCSI min fw 54K1
IBM LTO2 FC and SCSI min 4770
HP LTO2 FC min K541
HP LTO2 SCSI min F462
bridge Crossroads 4250 min fw 2009b
Crossroads 10K min fw 4.03.25

L180, L700, L1400

media changer min fw 3.06.00
tape devices 9940A/B/C 1.34.XX
9840A/B/C min 1.34.xx
9840A/B/C min 1.34.xx
HP LTO2 FC min K3A1
HP LTO2 SCSI min F462
HP LTO3 FC min L25S
IBM LTO2 FC min 38D0
IBM LTO3 FC min 54K1
T10000 3.11.2
bridge Crossroads 4250 min fw 2009b
Crossroad 10k (single-port only) min fw 4.03.25
notes Crossroad 10k (single-port only)
  • ACSLS config ok
  • Up to 10 DLT 8000 can be configured in an L180
  • Up to 20 DLT 8000 can be configured in an L700
  • Up to (6) 9840 drives can be configured in an L180
  • Up to (12) 9840 drives can be configured in an L700


media changer min fw 2.16.10
tape devices 9840 FC 1.34.158
9840B FC 1.34.358
9840C FC 1.34.558
9940 FC 1.34.207
9940B FC 1.34.408
IBM LTO2 FC 4770
T10000 2.40
notes ACSLS 7.1 is required

StorageTek 9310/Powderhorn, L5500

media changer **Only through ACSLS or SCSI attach** min fw 2.3.0
tape devices 9840B FC min 1.32.307
9940B FC min 1.32.421
IBM LTO (Gen 1) Min 27Q1
9840 SCSI w/Crossroads min 1.30.113
9940 SCSI w/Crossroads min 1.32.215
IBM LTO2 min 38D0
bridge Crossroads 4250 min fw 2009b
Crossroads 10k min fw 4.03.25
notes ACSLS 6.1
Required Setup
  • Only Qlogic 2342 Adapter is supported in the NetApp platforms.
  • McDATA switches require "Open system Management" license installed in order to work with NetApp.
  • Must create a valid zone for NetApp platforms and Library.
  • Only NetApp platforms and tape library are allowed in the zone.
  • Zoning must be done using WWN if switch is used In "OPEN FABRIC" mode. If "McDATA Fabric" mode is used, then Port-level or WWN-level zoning is sufficient.
NDMP Applications Symantec/Veritas: NetBackup 5.x and NDMP module.
General Notes Each 9840B &9940B drive has 2 FC ports. One port per drive should be used.
Each 9840 &9940B drive requires an individual cable/port connection into the Fibre Channel switch.