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Strengthen your cyber resilience

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Protect your enterprise from cyberattacks, unplanned data loss, and natural disasters. NetApp and Microsoft deliver built-in data protection and security capabilities for total cyber resilience. Sign up to speak with one of our cyber-resilience specialists to get a personalized plan for building a cyber-resilient Azure environment.

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Become cyber resilient in Azure

It’s easier this way. Our modern approach proactively protects and secures your data – with consistency and automation across every environment. Sign up for your 45-minute strategy session today to realize the benefits of the NetApp® cyber-resilience solutions for Azure.

Our specialists will help you and your team: 

  • Secure access with confidence. Stop cybercriminals in their tracks with end-to-encryption and multifactor authentication. 
  • Protect and detect at the storage layer. Mitigate and avoid damage by proactively identifying and responding to threats before they affect operations. 
  • Accelerate data recovery. Rapidly restore data and minimize application downtime with NetApp Snapshot™ copies. 

Want to learn more? Sign up now to create your own cyber-resilience strategy with one of our specialists. 

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