NetApp and VMware: Two’s company, three’s a cloud

We've got the key to VMware in the cloud. No more cost concerns or refactoring stress to keep your data-intensive workloads out in the cold. Cross the threshold into multicloud greatness: any workload on any cloud, with one unified approach and consistent data management.

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Why NetApp for VMware?

Get your data-intensive, storage-heavy workloads into the cloud

NetApp and VMware have spent the past 20 years defining the virtualized data center. Together, we deliver trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions, all in a unified digital environment that unlocks performance, efficiency, and cost savings for your virtualized applications.

Only NetApp has the mature cloud services that enable interoperability in a hybrid cloud environment, providing a consistent and unified experience. And when you’re ready, we enable you to quickly and cost-effectively migrate storage-heavy VMware workloads to the cloud of your choice. They’re your applications and workloads—you decide where they should go.

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NetApp and VMware deliver the scalable, high-performance foundation of SAP’s global public cloud platform, supporting nearly 30 petabytes of information across tens of thousands of virtual volumes and virtual machines…

Ozren Kopajtic, Vice President, Global Cloud Services at SAP

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Plan today and ease your move to cloud tomorrow

Whether you’re migrating your data-intensive workloads or you're comfortable on premises, we’ve got the solutions to modernize your data center so it’s cloudy-ready when the time is right.



Faster backups in a hospital’s VMware environment


Cost savings running VMware on AWS by switching tiers at will

5x to 30x

Lower storage costs with integrated storage efficiencies for VMware workloads

 ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere

With an automation-enabled framework, ONTAP tools for VMware bring the best of enterprise-class storage to vSphere. Ease day-to-day storage lifecycle management for vSphere administrators with the best integration platform for vSphere 8.

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VMware on AWS

Have your cake and eat it, too. Devour cloud’s agility and scalability and still have room for your data center favorites—performance, high availability, and data protection.

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VMware on Azure

For nearly 20 years, our partnership has helped manage your data anywhere. Get the simplicity, security, and cost savings you need to migrate your most challenging workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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VMware on Google Cloud

Get the agility, scalability, and security that your digital transformation needs. Harness Google’s advanced analytics capabilities to help solve your toughest challenges.

Application freedom—it's a Tanzu thing

Dev and ops. NetApp and VMware. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things are just made for each other.

Make the most of your containerized infrastructure on the strength of our rock-solid integration with VMware Tanzu. Native to any cloud, your Kubernetes infrastructure just got a lot more modern and simple—just the way we like it.

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation.
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