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NetApp delivers VDI at Enterprise scale

VDI is now a tier-one, enterprise workload, on par with SAP and Oracle. NetApp delivers VDI at enterprise scale, with world class storage, industry-leading cloud services, and enterprise class infrastructure, to your modern workplace.

Why NetApp for VDI

NetApp transforms remote workforces, allowing staff to work anywhere, in a hybrid and or multicloud environment. With the enterprise class storage solutions, fully-managed cloud desktops, VDI management tools, security resources, and on-premises infrastructure, NetApp delivers VDI at enterprise scale, regardless of your deployment, management, and optimization needs. Achieving VDI at enterprise scale is possible with NetApp.

Enterprise scale VDI solutions

NetApp enhances the value of VDI across all platforms/virtualization vendors, clouds, and use cases, increasing confidence in customers looking to invest in an overall best-in-class solution and avoiding lock-in.

Deliver excellent virtual desktop performance

Deliver high performance virtual desktops and applications, consistently, to your users.

Streamline management and optimization of your modern workplace

Optimize your virtual desktop environment with fully managed desktops, or with poweful, centralized tools and resources that make it easy to do yourself.

Increase the productivity of remote workforces

Enable your users to work more efficiently, effectively, and securely, enabling them to maintain business continuity.

Enterprise-ready cloud desktops as a service: secure, fully-managed, and a fraction of the cost

Spot PC delivers fully-managed, Azure based cloud desktops at a fixed cost per-seat, per-month. Spot PC includes streamlined onboarding, data migration, application lifecycle and management, enhanced security, and data sovereignty. It also includes Spot optimization, allowing Spot PC to deliver more cloud for less money.

Spot PC

Unified VDI provisioning, deployment, and management

NetApp® Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) allows you to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments through a SaaS-delivered global control plane for both on-premises and cloud environments—giving you both control and the flexibility to get the most from your VDI strategy.

Virtual Desktop Service also helps reduce your cloud infrastructure spend by up to 50% through advanced scaling and resource management technologies.

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Easy cloud orchestration and automation

NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the unified data management layer on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

  • Reduce costs by reducing storage footprint
  • Multi-protocol, unified access for SMB & NFS
  • Data protection with zero impact snapshots and efficient disaster recovery

Extreme performance and scalability

Azure NetApp Files for VDI is a fully managed cloud platform for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform with guaranteed 99.9% availability.

  • Consumption per volume as capacity
  • Resilient cloud file service with snapshots and high availability
  • Secure, private end point within your VNET, data encrypted
  • High IOPS & low latency for fast scaling

Control the performance and utilization of your cloud workloads

NetApp Cloud Insights gives you complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications. With Cloud Insights, you can monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your resources and applications across your entire technology stack, whether it’s on premises or in the cloud.


Management tools

Manage your modern workplace data with enterprise class tools from NetApp

Maintaining Compliance and Governance are tough, let NetApp take care of it for you.

With NetApp® Cloud Data Sense you can empower data privacy and compliance teams, generate data protection impact analysis reports, ensure sensitive data is stored where you want it, and maintain constant control and visibility for optimal data governance. 

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Cloud Backup: fully integrated cloud backup and restore service

Cloud Backup delivers seamless and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for protecting and archiving Cloud and On-Premises ONTAP data.

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Optimize your Global VDI Deployments with Global File Cache

Global File Cache benefits:

  • Consolidate and centralize your data in the public cloud
  • Cut storage costs
  • Create a single set of data for users globally
  • Leverage intelligent file caching to improve global data access, collaboration and performance
  • Rely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, eliminating full data copies and backups
  • Give branch locations transparent access through a global namespace with real-time central file locking
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Work from anywhere with FlexPod VDI

FlexPod, from Cisco® and NetApp®, is purpose-built for virtualized and VDI environments that enable enterprise workloads to function seamlessly at scale, with a superior end-user experience.


Managing thousands of desktops from a single pane.


IT Works Wilmington

A managed service provider expands its offerings and moves to cloud delivery with VDS services from NetApp

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Biztek Solutions

Helping clients stay in business during uncertain times with NetApp Virtual Desktop Services.


NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

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Make your move

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for your digital transformation. And the smartest move you can make is to join forces with NetApp today.

Support and training

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