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Azure NetApp Files

Powerful enterprise file shares, built on NetApp technology, offering the fastest, multiprotocol file services for business-critical Linux and Windows workloads.

Best for
  • Linux file shares
  • Database applications
  • Database
  • DevOps

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

High performance solution for deploying file services, analytics, databases, and accelerating DevOps on AWS.

Best for
  • Genomics
  • Windows® file shares

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform

An easy, cloud-native, managed file storage service for accelerating and simplifying your enterprise and Windows® applications in the cloud.

Best for
  • Enterprise applications
  • Windows-based applications

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Secure, proven storage management services for AWS, Azure, and hybrid cloud environments–using the industry’s leading enterprise data-management software.

Best for
  • Data protection
  • Storage efficiency

Cloud Sync

Rapid, secure, and proven data synchronization for transferring transfer files between on-premises systems and the cloud.

Best for
  • Data migration
  • Big data analytics
  • Onboard cloud environments

Cloud Secure

Unified, holistic visibility and control of all corporate data access across hybrid cloud environments.

Best for
  • Ensuring data security
  • Meeting compliance goals

Cloud Tiering

Automated solution for optimizing high-performance, on-premises storage by seamlessly shifting infrequently used data to the cloud.

Best for
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Move to OPEX model

SaaS Backup

Complete data protection for Office 365® and Salesforce data with secure backup and restore.

Best for
  • Office 365
  • Salesforce

Cloud Backup Service

Fully managed backup and restore to ensure protection and long-term security of your Cloud Volumes Service data.

Best for
  • Cloud backup/archive
  • Advanced recovery
  • Reduced costs

NetApp Kubernetes Service

The simplified solution for creating and managing production-ready Kubernetes clusters at scale on your choice of cloud.

Best for
  • Unified management for Kubernetes clusters
  • Managing clusters across clouds

Cloud Insights

Advanced data collection and analytics for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing all your data resources, including public clouds and private data centers.

Best for
  • Faster resolution
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased availability

Cloud Central

Launch, try, use, and manage a suite of data-driven cloud services from one single location.

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NetApp AFF A-Series All-Flash ArraysPowerful. Smart. Secure. Deliver best-in-class performance from the industry’s first and only end-to-end NVMe systems.

  • AFF A800

  • AFF A700S

  • AFF A700

  • AFF A300

  • AFF A220

NetApp HCI Unleash the best of public and private cloud to deliver a true hybrid, multicloud experience. Now you can easily manage and run multiple applications with the predictable performance that your enterprise and customers demand.

  • Simple

  • Flexible

  • Lower TCO

ONTAP Select—Free 90-Day Trial

Experience software-defined storage with cloud-like agility, built on the industry’s leading data management software.

Cost-effectively deploy enterprise storage in edge use cases, so remote sites and mobile applications feel like they’re on-site.

Spin up storage resources in minutes on your existing server infrastructure, HCI, and external arrays.

Easily move and replicate data to the cloud, with consistent management across your Data Fabric.

Get help choosing the right NetApp solution for your data center.

Data center transformation starts with our end-to-end expertise and insight. Count on NetApp to accelerate your innovation, deliver expert guidance, and increase the ROI of your existing infrastructure.

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