Unified Views a First Step to Unified Storage Architecture

    NetApp extends unified storage management to multivendor environments, providing real-time, end-to-end, unified views.

    NetApp® unified storage improves scalability, simplifies data management, increases IT efficiency, and reduces storage costs. But how can you integrate multivendor legacy technologies and products?

    The NetApp OnCommand™ Insight suite of analytic products delivers a unified view of your entire storage environment, including real-time visibility into all major storage vendors’ platforms.

    Currently installed in more than one-third of Fortune 50 storage environments, OnCommand Insight software:

    • Increases VM consolidation by 2x
    • Reduces the time and cost of consolidations and migrations by 50%
    • Reduces service outages by 50%
    • Accelerates application provisioning by 20%
    • Improves overall storage utilization by 10%
    • Generates compliance and audit reports automatically
    • Supports CMDB and ITIL initiatives

    By understanding your storage environment today, you can plan and implement future changes faster and with more efficiency and less risk to critical business applications. Let OnCommand Insight unified views be the first step toward a unified storage architecture.

    To learn more about how to get a unified view across your entire multivendor storage environment, read the NetApp OnCommand Insight datasheet (PDF) or the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture white paper (PDF).