Simple Provisioning of Your Unified Storage Environment

    NetApp automated, policy-based storage provisioning optimizes capacity utilization across your entire infrastructure.

    Today’s resource-constrained, data-driven world demands a storage-efficient infrastructure that enables anytime, anywhere data access. The NetApp® unified storage architecture has efficiency built in, with automated provisioning provided through our Provisioning Manager software.

    Integrated with NetApp OnCommand™ management software tools, Provisioning Manager:

    • Optimizes capacity utilization across your entire NAS and SAN infrastructure
    • Automates manual and repetitive storage-provisioning tasks such as adding, reclaiming, monitoring, and assigning storage
    • Frees storage administrators to perform other duties and increase their span of control
    • Allows wasted or unused storage to be identified and drawn into a common pool from which storage requests can be implemented without disrupting operations
    • Improves the utilization of existing storage, which can save money and defer storage purchases

    Use NetApp Provisioning Manager to achieve ‘right-size’ provisioning and meet the service-level needs of all your business applications, databases, digital media content, and file services.

    To find out more about NetApp automated provisioning within a unified storage environment, see the NetApp Provisioning Manager datasheet (PDF) or the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture white paper (PDF).