Supporting Mixed Clients in Software Development

    NetApp unified storage offers true multiprotocol support, boosting developer collaboration in mixed-client environments.

    Software development environments must support a mix of UNIX®, Windows®, and Linux® clients and a variety of operating environments. The NetApp® unified storage architecture lets you build a multiprotocol environment that performs for all your developers’ systems, while simplifying client system management and improving performance.

    By supporting all common NAS and SAN protocols from a single platform, NetApp unified storage enables:

    • Direct access to storage by each client
    • Different platforms to share network files without using protocol emulation products such as SAMBA, NFS Maestro, or PC-NFS
    • Simple and fast data storage and data access for all your client systems
    • Fewer storage systems
    • Greater efficiency from each system deployed

    NetApp unified storage eliminates the complexity and data bottlenecks in heterogeneous environments and provides greater flexibility. As a result, your developers enjoy more effective collaboration, and you save the capital and management costs of maintaining multiple separate storage environments

    To learn more about improving developer collaboration within a mixed-client environment, download the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture white paper (PDF).