Fujitsu Siemens Computers Fiber Channel TapeSAN Solution for Brocade

    Data ONTAP™ 7.3.x Solution Information

    The Fujitsu Siemens Computers tape libraries for fiber channel tapeSAN are listed below. All components are described in the table below. For information about switch configurations, please visit the Brocade switch page.

    Data ONTAP7.3.x
    PlatformsNetApp platforms: FAS900, FAS270, FAS2000, FAS3000, FAS3100, FAS6000 series
    Adapter CardsQlogic QLA2340/QLA2342, QLA2460/QLA2462, and QLE2460/QLE2462
    SwitchBrocade 300,5100,5300 (fw ≥ 6.1.0)
    Brocade 48000 200E (fw ≥ 5.0.3c)
    Brocade 5000 (fw ≥ 5.2.1b)
    Direct connect configurations (without switch)
    NDMP Backup Applications
    FSC Networker≥ 7.3A00

    FiberCAT TX08, FiberCAT TX24-S2, FiberCAT TX48-S2

    media changer :

    Fujitsu Siemens Computers
    FiberCAT TX08 / fw ≥ 1.50
    FiberCAT TX24-S2 / fw ≥ 4.32
    FiberCAT TX48-S2 / fw ≥ 4.32
    Controlled via ADI (Automation Drive Interface)
    tape device:

    Hewlett Packard
    LTO4 Half High
    Fibere Channel
    fw ≥ V22B

    CentricStor VT 4.0 Virtual Tape Appliance

    silo emulationsDAS/ACI
    device emulationsIBM 3590
    STK 9840B
    General NotesThe library above is also supported in direct connect configuration without a switch.