NetApp Leadership in Ethernet Network Storage

    NetApp leadership in Ethernet network storage helps boost storage efficiency, simplify data management, and reduce TCO.

    NetApp has been a leader in supporting Ethernet storage: NAS pioneer, early iSCSI proponent, the first to ship native FCoE storage systems. Now, our multiprotocol unified storage architecture leverages Ethernet storage benefits and supports NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and FCoE in the same system.

    NetApp® Unified Connect provides concurrent multiprotocol data access over shared network ports for a flexible and efficient shared storage infrastructure.

    NetApp NAS solves data management challenges of scalability, availability, and consolidating your existing Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® file servers with our Ethernet-based NAS solutions.

    NetApp iSCSI works with NetApp’s powerful data management software to deliver higher data availability, simpler data management, and better storage utilization.

    NetApp Fibre Channel over Ethernet provides increased storage flexibility for your high-performance, data-availability, and data-management needs.

    NetApp Ethernet Advantage brings together a trusted ecosystem of best-in-class vendors to deliver peace of mind and greater flexibility in your FCoE deployment.

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