Storage for Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Citrix XenDesktop virtualization and NetApp storage: better for users, better for business, and better for IT.

    The complex, variable workloads of desktop virtualization make it challenging to achieve the performance you need at a reasonable cost. Our solution blends Citrix® and NetApp® technologies—from hybrid solutions to All Flash FAS configurations—to optimize performance across all phases of the workload and for all data types.

    With NetApp storage for Citrix XenDesktop® virtualization, you can:

    • Deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktops, applications, and user data from a central console.
    • Isolate and guarantee performance to each application, eliminating the need for dedicated VDI storage.
    • Use ONTAP® nondisruptive operation to provide end users with continuous data access, even during upgrades or while adding capacity.
    • Reduce virtual desktop storage costs by 50% with NetApp storage efficiency technologies, including inline deduplication, inline compression, inline data compaction, and fast, space-optimized cloning.

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