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Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Gain insights from your explosion of IoT customer data.

Take control. Learn in real time. Out-innovate the competition.

Automate lifecycle management. Gain insights in real time from vast amounts of machine-to-machine data.

StorageGRID for IoT

Gain real time insights from machine-to-machine data

Bridge current and future requirements to create value from IoT without storage bottlenecks or limitations.

Implement the right storage solution today for a viable infrastructure for the long term.

Rich Partner Ecosystem

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Optimize your primary NAS storage with transparent, automated data movement to cost-effective object storage.

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Perform policy-based file tiering and archiving from primary storage systems to object storage. Maintain transparent user access to all data.

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Automate data discovery, policy-based movement, and management for migration, consolidation, tiering and archiving of unstructured data at scale.

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Gartner Report

Gartner Report: The Future of Object Storage

The object storage market has gained momentum. Understand recent developments in both on-premises and public cloud environments—and their importance for staying ahead.